Who Do You Want To Become?


Who Do I WAnt to Become (Adolescent Life Question)

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One of Life's Key Questions ....

We often think we are the only ones struggling with this question .. yet all of us wonder when start to grow up ..

Who Do I Want to Become?

During adolescence, when we are testing out our own ideas about who we are ... we struggle to understand what kind of life is really possible for us. We try to match up our dreams and childhood fantasies with what we see around us in the world today ...

Sometimes, we find roles models and see that who we want to become is possible ... and start trying to understand how they made it and then map out our own path. At others, we look around and see no one who is doing the things we dream of ... and living the life we dream of. Then, a lot of creativity and imagination ... is required to spot the opportunities to belong something new ... and innovate a new way of being.

But the first step is putting into images and words ...


Who would you like to be?

Who do you dream of becoming?

What do you dream of doing?

What is your best self ... and what brings that out in you?




next question: where do I belong?


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