Curious about Children's
Ferry Tales & Wisdom Stories?


Here are a few of the children's stories. Where children are involved, imagination is king. But if you love children's tales, you already know that.


The Palette-able Story Series


   Life Lesson Children's Book: Painter Moouse -- A Palette-able Story by Manifest Books   Life Lesson Children's Book: Paint.her B.Ozen --     a Palette and Able Story  by Manifest Books  Life Lesson Children's Book: Painter Moouse -- Another Palette-able Story by Manifest Books

Life Lessons Children's Book: Painter Muse ... A Palette-able Story by Manifest Books



The Carat & Styx / Sitting Beat Story Series

Life SLesson BAdger   Life Lessons - Don Quiote


Mr Ma Goo Blues   Teddu Bear Blues -  A Sitting Bear Story



Huff & Puff Story Series


The White Hare - A Huff & Puff Story   Children's Book: Big Bad WOlf -- A huff and puff story by Manifest Books   Three Little Pigs - A huff & puff story

Genwen Wer - the Untold Story



Cloak & Dagger Story Series


The Magic Cloak - A Fabrich STory   Cloak & Dagger - A Turn Ba Story    Flying Cloak - A Turn Ba Story



The Breathless Stories


Fish. Duet Puffer: A Breath Less Story    Dog Sold.Ire: A Breath Less STory     Math Wize Ard: A Breath Less Story



The Chef & Ko Ann Stories

Manned Butter Flies: A Chef & KoAnn Story   Bear.On Munch.Ozen:  A Chef & KoAnn Story



Falling Water, Arch & Other Stories


  Fairy Tail Slippers: A Falling WAter STory  Face The Slipper: An ARch & Mask Story   Cinder.Ella Slipper: An ARch Etech Story


Waat Dreams R Maid of: A Cat in the Hat STory      The Cat ...Who Wooed Be King : A Pen.Sell Story   


Wick.Ed Witch: A West Side STory   

Camel Expressions   Rare Bite Munch.O.Zen - A Chef & Uneck Story




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