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SeArching for the Other Surreal Self (Lautreamont's Malador Chants and Point Joe Postcard)

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Surrealist Fiction ... Lautréamont's Chants of Maldoror

Surrealist fiction (fix sun) is always wanting and willing to take you for a ride. It is indeed true that "permanent things are what is needful in a poem" or in any surrealist work of art.

But, like the monk pointing to the reflection of the moon in a pool of water (see Se(a)pirah 9) ... the most the surrealist can do in most cases, is help you get the point.

Here, the point is Joe. A wonderful mythologist who dealt with leaping crayon colored ponies and saw bliss in the presence of the Angel of Death. Beauty beyond count is the Word of the Day.

Now if we could only find the short cut to Nirvana .... (lol)




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