Do You Have A List of Types of Jobs?


Figuring Out The Job You Want or Already Have

The world of work is filled with lots of different types of jobs. Right now you might be thinking by job type I mean trades, professions and job titles ... like the type you see listed in the classified section of the want ads or in the Occupational Outlook.

But, a little known secret of work is that there is a type of job classification ... that, quite frankly, if used in the want ads would revolutionize they way we choose our professions, send out resumes and go on interviews.

What is this type of job classification I am hinting at? It is the type of jobs that exist out in the real world that nobody talks about. No one will ever set you down and tell you about them. I had to figure them out on my own, often by encountering and experiencing them first hand.

The Dark Side of Jobs

A lot of dismal paychecks, career meltdowns, job hopping and false starts are caused by job types on the dark side. So here is a quick list with details about how to spot and avoid them ... or turn them to your advantage.


Dead End Jobs

These are the jobs that lead nowhere. You get in and there are no opportunities to advance, get more than a cost of living increase, and do not add money to your pocket by giving you industry or work experience.

Usually they are low paying and act as a sink hole to trap people ... or provide temporary work for low skilled workers those who are lost, clueless or still searching to find their thing in life.

Jobs You Hate

These are jobs that should come with a yellow flag that signals disaster lies ahead. It may not be obvious from the first day -- but these are jobs that teach you how to hate ... what you do and who you become when you do them.

The ingredients for jobs you hate vary ... but a boss or coworker you hate can ruin a perfectly good job. So is a job that encourages you to violate your values or act in ways that make you feel ashamed, worthless and lower than the scum of the earth.

Jobs That Hate You

Ahh. These are a little less common, but they are out there. There are jobs that actively hate you and everything that you are, and so work on controlling and manipulating you to do and become someone else you do not like.

If you have a job that makes you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror, you are probably working at a job that hates you. These are the jobs that make you sick, turn your stomach, give you ulcers, heart attacks and strokes ... along with heartburn, nervous twitches, headaches and problems breathing.

In the long run, they are working at destroying you, your health, your friendships and values.

Jobs That Make Your Life Worse (or Suck)

These are a milder form of jobs that hate you .. they just make your life worse. From bad skin to learning bad habits ... they slowly and insidiously work at undermining your self esteem, your energy and your quality of life.

You can end up having to lose friends, miss important family events and put in lots of unpaid hours just to keep your job and your boss happy.

Jobs That Undermine Your Values

If a job makes you go against your principles or values, you are in serious danger. Some of these jobs have you start telling little white lies. Others have you start covering things up, hiding the truth, fudging the numbers or turning into a gossip.

At the end of the day, you start to lose a bit of your soul and your word starts to mean less and less -- even to you. Simply put, they turn you into a bad person, someone you would never choose to become.

Jobs From Hell

Jobs that suck the light, life and joy out of your life like a Dementor is exactly what a job from hell is like. Many times, they start off OK ... and then something changes and the workplace starts to heat up. And you start to lose sight of who you are, what makes you unique, and what your dreams and goals are.

Jobs from hell are so devastating because many times it seems you can not escape from them. You are trapped with no good way to find your way back ... like quicksand. And they take everything you value .. friendships marriages, weekends, happiness, a brilliant future .. and sometimes take you to the brink of sanity.

Jobs with Flies in the Ointment

Flies in the ointment not only spoil the soup, they can also ruin dream jobs and derail careers. These are the jobs that almost good or great ... expect for one or two things. And you think, that If Only ... if only this one thing would change, the job would be great.

So you hold on and hang in there, hoping that that one thing will change. And you wait and wait ... but it never does. And like a bride waiting for a groom, you keep expecting to see the change you want.


So, if you suspected that there was a seamy, underside to work ... and wanted to know what the work world equivalent was to hemorrhoids, unwanted hair loss and persistent bad breath ... here you go ...

Side Note: If nothing else, you can use this list to scare your younger siblings ... or send it to a friend who has one of these, doesn't have a clue and needs one badly.


The Light Side of Jobs

Just as there is a dark side, the polarity in the Universe means there is a light side that balances it. These are the types of jobs you love to have, that make making al living* a lot of fun and bring you a lot of happiness.


Highway To Heaven Jobs

Just as there are dead end jobs, there art jobs that set you on the right path in life, that make you feel like manna (in the form of job assignments and experience is fallin' from heaven and all you need to do is show and gather your daily work assignments.

Praise, raises, bonuses and a road map to the job of your dream lie ahead. You are on the right road and there are lots of green lights ahead of you.

Jobs You Love

These might not put you on the fast track to living your dreams, but you love what you do ... or some exquisite element of the job. From a great boss to amazing coworkers and great work experience ..something about the job -- or everything about the job -- makes you love it.

These are the types of jobs that people never leave ... but work at happily for 20 to 50 years ... and are honestly sorry when they have to retire.

Jobs That Love You

Every once in a while you find a job that loves you. One that nurtures you, takes care of all you needs wonderfully, and is exactly what the doctor ordered.

From getting the right hours to a boss that is flexible about child care -- you know it when you have one. Love flows around you and you can feel it every time you walk through the door.

Jobs That Strengthen Your Values

Some jobs just help you find what you value most, and let you live your principles. Like a muscle that gets worked out daily, these types of jobs strengthen your values and your character.

Working at one of them lets you feel more comfortable in your skin, happy with your work and how you earn a living. You feel that what you do matters and makes a difference, and helps you evolve and grow.

Jobs From Heaven

Jobs from heaven are all around us, particularly if you have done the work to find your bliss. Like fruit from the Tree of Life, these jobs not only nourish you but feed your soul.

They help you start living your dreams by providing just the right work, skills and experience you need to grow soulfully. All of your gifts and talents get to be used, and new ones are brought to life. It may be be the charmed life you thought you wanted, but it is what you need and you recognize that on a deep level.

Dream Jobs

These are the jobs we hope might exist somewhere in the world. They are the best jobs we can dream of having, and they let us explore and develop our potential.

Although they offer less that a job from heaven ... dream jobs are what we consider to be the perfect job for us. The right salary, right work environment and the perfect ingredients for you to thrive at doing what you love to do and feel you were born to do.

The light side of work is where most people want to be, but often Life has other plans for you. So you have to take the light with the dark, learn what you can and choose the jobs that will help you grow in the short and long term.

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