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The Third Aspect of Great Work

Are you looking for work that is more than just a paycheck? Are you looking for work that makes a difference and fulfills your life purpose? Do you want to feel like what you do matters to the world?

Depths of Caring

Some people think you are weak if you care about your job. But taking care of a job or business that takes care of you ... just makes sense. But not any old job will do.

It needs to be one that allows .. and pays you ... to work on the things you care about. These include ...



Working on something you care and that matters transforms boring workdays into opportunities to make a real difference and earn a good paycheck. For many, it us also a way to work on fulfilling their life purpose.


Helpful Resources

Here are a few books I recommend if you are looking to add more meaning in your life and focus on discovering what matters to you in life and work.




Do More Great Work: Stop the Busywork. Start the Work That Matters.

Use the exercises in this book to map out what makes great work -- the work that matters most to you -- and how to spend more of your workday doing it. 



Great Work, Great Career

This book by Stephen Covey helps you discover what matters most and create a career around it.  



The Answer to How Is Yes: Acting on What Matters

A book that discusses how to transform workplaces into places into meaning and pay attention to what makes our lives and work meaningful.  



What is Your Life's Work?: Answer the BIG Question About What Really Matters...and Reawaken the Passion for What You Do

This book helps you focus on your values and life lessons so you can retarget your life purpose and connect that to your life's work.  



The Idealist.org Handbook to Building a Better World: How to Turn Your Good Intentions into Actions that Make a Difference  

Learn how to turn your ideas into actions that transform your life into a life that matters and makes a difference in the world.



You Matter More Than You Think: What a Woman Needs to Know about the Difference She Makes  

A different approach to exploring questions about if your life matters and if you are making a difference. How to tie together and transform the fragments of your life into the bigger picture.


Movies About Work You Care Deeply About ...

If you are seeking work that makes a difference .. that matters to you, here are a few inspiring movies from the Wise Woman's Shelves of Inspiration to get you started. You can also read inspiring quotes about work that matters.



Amelie / The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain




Amazing Grace




Calendar Girls





Chariots of Fire




Fly Away Home





Jerry Maguire



Never Cry Wolf




Pay It Forward










Chak De India DVD



So whether you feel compelled to build a better mousetrap, preserve human rights or ensure the survival of the planet -- there are millions of issues, problems and needs just waiting for you to work on them.

And that work becomes ...


work that is meaningful



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