Is a Lack of Money Holding You Back From Your Dream Job or Business?


Is A Lack of Money Holding You Back?



Quiz about Money Obstacles

Do you feel that a lack of money is holding you back? Do you think money is topping you from finding your dream job or starting your dream business? If so, you are not alone. This quiz helps you find out if money is really what is stopping you ... and helps you learn what you can do about it.

Is Money Truly What You Need?

You might be wondering why you even need to take a quiz to tell you what you already know. The answer is that money is really just a medium of exchange -- and often the real things holding you back are the things you need the money to buy. So a lack of money sometimes masks the real underlying problem.

Sometimes the things you need are intangibles, like a feeling of confidence or security to undertake the risk in following your heart. And sometimes they are the essentials work skills, tools, knowledge, and experience you need to be qualified and prepared to do the work you love.

So take a moment and take a look at whether money is really holding you back, and if so, how much do you need.


Start The Quiz

You will need to get out a notebook or journal and start about thinking about your life and your dream job.

Below are 4 questions to help get you started thinking about what is really holding you back. Read each one and then write down your thoughts, ideas and insights. Do them in order, so you are able to follow the train of discovery.


Obstacles Holding You Back

Here is where you start to get to the heart of the matter ...


Question 1: In a perfect world, you would already be working at your dream job or business. If you are not, why aren't you?


Question 2: List the top ten reasons you are not doing work you love right now. For example, this could include fear of change, insufficient experience, not having the right contacts, a lack of mentors, not having the right college degree, not feeling confident, or a lack of skills or expertise.

Feel free to write them all down, no matter how small or silly they might seem. Even if they seem small on paper, they can have a big impact on what you do .. or hold yourself back from doing.

Top Reasons













Question 3a: Can you take your list of reasons and put them in order, starting with the strongest reason or the biggest obstacle? If so, write them in the space below.













Question 3b: Now look over your list. Can you identify the kind of obstacle this reason represents? If so, write it down in the 3b column. This will help you understand the form the solution will need to take.

(For example, if you are not qualified to do what you love, you need to look for the real reason. In this example, say that you lack experience. When you look up the obstacle type you realize it is a bar that is encouraging you to stretch and grow and get out of the rut of doing the same thing every day. The solution to a lack of experience is its opposite -- sufficient work experience to be well qualified for your dream job. That means you need to gain more relevant experience and the way to get it is with some new job assignments, a transfer or new job. In this example, the first step might be to take your boss out to lunch and so you can talk about ways to increase your industry and work experience. That should cost between $15 - $50 depending on the type of work you do and your boss.)


Question 3c: Can you identify the solution to each reason or problem? If so, write it next to the reason. As an example, if you lack something, the solution would be to acquire it. If you have too much of something, you would want to decrease it or change it. If you are not sure, see if the opposite of the problem becomes the solution.


Question 3d: Looking now at both what is holding you back and the solution, can you identify what you need to bring about the solution? For example,is it gaining the confidence to face your fears, a change in jobs to get the experience you need, or going back to school to develop your skills and expertise? Write your answers in the column provided.


Question 3e: Look at what you need to do to solve each problem. Do you need any money to do it? If so, how much do you need? Write your answers in the column provided.


What Is Really Holding You Back

Look over your top ten reasons again, and especially at "what is needed" to bring about the changes you need to start your dream job or business.

Often we see money as the solution to every problem because money is an all purpose way to buy ourselves into and out of situations. However, many times what we need cannot be bought in any store. Instead, it comes from finding the solutions within ourselves and taking action to start overcoming the obstacles we face.


Question 4: Look at each of the reasons you listed above. Can you identify the "why" behind each reason -- what is the source or originating cause? For example, if you lack the experience you need, is the real "behind the scenes" reason due to a bad job choice, inadequate planning, or a lack of confidence? Write your answers below.

Reason & The "Why" Behind It












Interpret Your Answers

These are tough questions intended to help you get real about how much you understand about your financial needs and issues. They challenge you to see how much you know, and whether you are just guessing or have a solid idea of what your real needs are.


Question 1: Many people do not take the time to really think about what is holding them back. Often the pain and frustration is so great that the first or most obvious answer is all they have the patience and energy to focus on. So "money" becomes the major culprit. But many times money and the things it can buy are not the only things holding us back.


Question 2: Taking a few minutes to stop and make a list begins a process that can immediately start to help you figure out the problem. It not only can expand your understanding, but also give a way to start using the emotional energy you have to solve the problem. The first step in any battle is to know your enemy or obstacle.


Question 3: By making this list, you flip your focus from the problem of what you lack to the solution of what you need. And money takes its rightful place, as the solution instead of the stumbling block.


Question 4: Tracing the source of each problem or reason you are stuck is important. By seeing how the problem arose or was created, we get hints about how to solve it. You also want to make sure that you solve the source of the problem and not just the current symptom. The last thing you want to be doing is continually facing the same obstacle in a different form throughout your life.



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