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A Detailed Description of Your Dream Job

Once you have a detailed list of ingredients for your dream job, you need to see how to turn them into a detailed description of your own dream job.

If you have answered the quiz for discovering your dream job, you will have a list of 50 to 100 things that make up your dream job ... things like the people you want to work around or for, the places you want to work in, and the specific tasks you want to work on or solve.

Then all you need to do is provide your own ingredients and fill in the blanks below, and you have a statement of your dream job.

My Dream Job Is ..


"My dream job is work where I get to use my gifts and talents of ___________, __________ and _________ to excel at what I love to do, which is _____________, _______________ and ____________.

I get to fulfill my life calling of __________________________ and work in inspiring places such as ___________, ________________, and __________.

Surrounded by the people I love to work with and for, _________, ___________, and __________ ... I solve the problems, issues or needs I love to work on, such as ____________, ______________ and _______________ .

My workday is filled with amazing experiences, such as ______________, ________________, ___________ and I get to use my favorite things, like _______________, _____________, _____________ and __________.

I am finally able to afford the life I want, where I can be ___________, ___________, do _________, _____________ and have _____________, _____________ and ______________.


The Problem Is ...

It looks like a simple task. And if you know yourself really, really well ... it isn't that hard.

The problem is that most of us can't do it. We have no clue what are gifts and talents are, what problems we love to solve, what places inspire and and the types of people who bring out the best in us. We have no idea what amazing experiences we want to fill our days with and what our life calling is.

But don't despair. The reason you don't know this stuff is that you were never taught it in school. Most classes in high school and college focus on teaching you basic facts, theories, and what previous great minds have discovered. Few, if any, focus on helping you discover who you are, what your potential is, what you would like to do with your life, or what your dream job is.

So when faced with the above, we draw a blank.

But don't despair. There is a way to figure this out, and to inspire you and show you that it works, here is a before and after example.

A Before & After Example

You may be like this example .. stuck in describing your dream job in terms of your favorite school subjects and how you want to change the world.

My Ideal Job is .. (Before)

My ideal job would be working to on poverty and world hunger. I don't mean running a soup kitchen or cooking meals for the homeless ... but I would love to make a real difference that would help people around the world. In school, I was always good in math and I really like geography class, which was weird because I was the only one who did.

I have always loved maps of any kind, and reading historical novels about how different people used to earn a living, build a home and survive. I would also like to be able to travel to some of the places I have read about and seen on TV. And I love to fish .. so my dream job that would let me do that.


My Dream Job Ingredients Are ...

After working through the ingredients of your dream job ... by finding the ingredients for your bliss, you might end up with a list like this ...


My Gifts & Talents: What I Am Great At ...


Things I Love: What I Want To Work With ...


Activities I Love: What I Would Love To Get Paid To Do ...


Places I Love: Where I Would Love To Work ...


People I Love: Who I Would Love To Work With ...


Experiences I Love: What Would Make My Workday Amazing & Meaningful ...



Problems, Issues, Needs: What I Would Love To Have An Impact On ...


Life Calling: What I Would Love To Work On ...


The Life I Dream of Living Is Being a Person Who ...

My Dream Job Is .. (After)


I get to fulfill my life calling of helping to save the world's oceans, forests and farmland by helping people learn how to create sustainable livelihoods from the landscape and its resources .. thus becoming its protectors instead of destroying it.

Using my gifts and talents of working with numbers, maps, data, trends, computers and software .. I get to create reports and give presentations about the emerging trends and propose solutions based on weather, geography, human use practices and other factors.

My dream job allows me to work in the places I love ...analyzing data in an office hunched over a computer and also being paid to travel to check out mountain streams, emerging deserts, re-purposed rainforests and restored farmland ... and get in some great local fishing.

I get to work around people who care deeply about using technology, forecasting and great ideas about sustainable livelihoods to end poverty ... even if I am the nerdiest number cruncher in the bunch. I get to solve the problems of world poverty caused by unsustainable livelihood and environmental changes by working to support sustainable farming, fishing and other livelihoods that will feed people and help them stop going to bed and waking up hungry everyday.

Using data, forecasts and trends in natural resource use and depletion, I can help farmers, fishermen and others make a good living while helping the planet become more sustainable and in harmony with nature and how it works to renew and replenish itself.

My workday is filled with amazing experiences, such as predicting crop failures years before they happen, coming up with ideas of how to re-purpose the rainforests, analyzing when it is appropriate to restock lakes, streams and the ocean with wildlife ... and saving the livelihoods of people around the world.

In doing this, I get to use my favorite things like databases, animated maps, graphic and presentation software to analyze, spot problems and turn them into opportunities and get the information into the hands of the people who care and can use the information to make a difference.

I am finally able to afford the life I want, where I can be a part of the solution and travel to places I only used to read about, meet the people I help and see the forests, oceans, reefs and farmland I help save. I could go to the places my coins are from, try out native cooking pots and wander around the local farmer's markets ... and make friends with and visit people around the world who I blog with ... things I only dreamed about being able to do.


Discovering Your Own Dream Job

If you would like to discover what your dream job is .. in this level of detail, try taking the Discover Your Dream Job Quiz ... and find your own ingredients for the perfect job.

If you have already done so, it is time to ...


Find Your Dream Job Titles


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