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A Few Ideas About Ann O/A.sis

We have all been there ... a time in our lives where all around us is desert. And we are thirsty for knowledge or hungry for change ... looking for answers, ideas or just a little hope that there is a way out of the empty and barren place we find ourselves in.

This is where this site comes in ... like finding an oasis in the desert, there is much here to feed your mind, your spirit, and your heart.

Pitchers For The Thirsty

So I have opened a tent and set out pitchers for those who are thirsty. Most people will pass by, take what they need and move on ... without realizing that ...

In the desert, every well not replenished will run dry.

If you travel across the Internet and understand this truth, you will know the value in giving back and replenishing the well. And now you can pay it forward for the next traveler ...

Just click on any of the product links and complete your purchase within the same day. Each store offers over 1,000 of my best recommendations for books, movies and gifts for each area of life ...




Or you can donate directly to me through Paypal and keep the water flowing for the next traveller coming down the road ....



Some Inspiration For You

And if you need some inspiration yourself, I recommend these films and resources. They come from some terrific organizations I have partnered with to give you access to courses, books and movies you might not know about .. but will be thrilled you found.


SpiritClips Inspirational Videos   Hay House, Inc.  Hay House, Inc.

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P. S. The idea is not new. In 1784, Ben Franklin wrote about the concept and Heinlein popularized it in Between Planets.




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