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Life Calling Art (Letter of Self Discovery)


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Living The Life You Were Born To Live

"Do you wonder if you have a life calling? Do you want to do or become something extraordinary? Do you feel like you are not yet living the life you were meant to live?"

The Wise Woman's questions made me stop and think a moment. Yeah, I did feel like that. My thoughts were ready to lead me into a minefield of emotions of feeling lost when her next words reached me.

"Life callings can change your life and start you on a life journey you never imagined. But, at the heart of every life calling is a simple idea. It is, at its core, about what you want to accomplish or how you want to change the world."

I nodded my head in agreement and understanding. But before I could take in much more, a question leapt to my mind. "Then why it is so hard for me, or anyone. to figure out what it is?"

"What makes them so complex is trying to figure out several things at once," she said. "You have to answer ....


"and those are all big questions that can change your life. And anything that can radically change your life is scary."

"So where do I start to look for answers?" I asked.

A Place To Start

"The first place to start in understanding your life calling is by focussing on the impact you want to have.

"And a good first step is identifying your touchstones -- the ideas behind the movies, books and songs that resonate deeply with you. Together with connecting with your inner guidance or voice, the insights you gain can help you define your life calling."

I nodded again.

"So, why don't we start there? My first question is what do you feel called to do? Do you feel called to ...

I laughed and she caught my eye and laughed too when whe saw my face. "Maybe you need to walk through this a little more in depth. There is a book around here that will help you really get in touch with your life calling."

While she looked for the book, she continued to talk about life callings.

Life Wake Up Calls

"Life callings are wake up calls ..." her fingers traced across a few titles as she continued, "awakening you to put your gifts and talents to good use and become actively engaged in realizing your life purpose."

"Most people think either too small or too grand, and that holds them back from really going for it. Your life calling is really just a simple idea applied to a few select people or the entire world. The size is really only a small part of what your life calling is all about." She moved to next the row of books and started scanning the spines.

"But no two life callings are the same, so you can't just look through a list and pick one. Because the number of ideas and causes that need someone to champion them in this world is almost infinite - you have to listen for the one that is calling to you."

I grinned at that and, curious to see what see what was looking at, wondered over to the shelf whe was looking at. The shelf was filled with books and movie DVDs.

The Best Life Calling Books

"What are all these?" I asked, amazed by the selection of books and other things stacked upon the shelves. I had hardly noticed them before, but now they seemed to call to me, the titles almost glowing in the daylight that poured through the windows.

"These are the ones I recommend, the best books, movies and tools I have discovered over the years. I lend them out, when someone is in need, and refer to them when it makes sense." She peered over her glasses, looking me deeply in the eyes. "I can see that some are already calling to you. Which ones?" she asked gently.

My eyes were drawn to some titles, and she started to pull them off the shelf. "Take a closer look at them and see if any of them really speak to you."






Movies About Life Callings

You can also get inspired with these movies about finding your life calling. Here are some great choices when you need help or a good film to lift your spirits .. check out the shelves at your local library, BlockBuster or Netflix.




Blue Butterfly




Boys Town



Close Encounters of the Third Kind



Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story


Field of Dreams





Gorillas In The Mist



Joan of Arc




The Matrix





Medicine Man




The Miracle Worker




Patch Adams




Whale Rider

Want even more recommendations for life calling movies? Here are a few more for you ...








find your life calling

find your life purpose

what is the difference?



Inspiring Life Calling Quotes


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Life Calling Journals

If you want a place to put your thoughts and questions to spark insights, try these journals. I recommend finding a great journal that inspires you to ponder life's questions and put down your thoughts. Here are a few suggestions ...





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