Are You Playing The Game of Work?



The Game of Work


The Game of Kings & Princes

The Game of Work is one of Life's opportunities ... and one of its biggest challenges.

Every age and society has its own needs to be filled. And work is how humans convert sunshine into the things, ideas and experiences that mankind needs to thrive and evolve.

But for most of us, it has become simply the place where we earn a paycheck, pay our dues and do the work nobody else will do for free.

From creating a sustainable environment to discovering ourselves ... there is lots of work to be done. Every person needs the basics .. food, housing, clothing, knowledge, safety and medical care. But beyond the essential needs ... there are plenty of issues and problems that heed to be addressed.

The more complex the world, the more diverse and complex its problems become.


And as our modern world becomes more complex, diverse and global ... the number and types of jobs are growing, as well as becoming more competitive.


Where do you start?

How do you make sense of it all?



Art: Box of Work (SHam.Wow Win Doa on the World of Worker Bees) I Ching hexagram 45




The Box of Work





Choose A Work Goal


New World Of WOrk

The New World of Work




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