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Do You Really Want To Find Yourself ... ?

The Wise Woman's question surprised me. I was not expecting her to take me seriously, but she was.

"Are you wondering how to go about finding yourself? Or wondering how you got lost in the first place and forgot who you really are?"

I nodded my head, wondering once again how she had the uncanny knack of reading my mind. But as tried to follow my own thoughts, her voice brought me back to the conversation at hand.

"Life and its distractions have a way of making us lose sight of ourselves and who we truly are. It is easy to get caught up in all the distractions of life, the clothes tha tneed mending, the food that needs ot get on the table, the work that lies ahead of you tomorrow. All the responsibilities of your life surround you and tempt you into to thinking they are the most important thngs of your life. And if you let them, they will take over your life, and you will spend it serving them, instead of the other way around." She looked up at me to see if I was getting all this.

Again I nodded my head, and started to think over the events of my life and how I was living it. One day followed another, and lately the weeks and months were starting to blur together. Looking back, I could see I was starting to use things to get me by until the weekend, or the next major holiday. My favorite TV shows were becoming a ritual of how to spend my nights after dinner and before bedtime. I counted down the days till the release of my next favorite movie, the anticipated publication of a book or the release date for the next peice of technology I wanted.

I laughed, and before I knew it I was saying, " I think I have lost control of my life. I don't think I am in the driver's seat anymore ...."

She laughed with me, and replied, "You are not alone. All of us fall asleep at the wheel of our own life, unless we have a burning passion that keeps us awake and alert to what is really going on around us. But few even realize that they have fallen under the spell of a Pied Piper that draws them away from the path they were meant to follow and has them fall asleep so they forget who they really are and why they are here."

I looked up at that. I thought for a moment and then asked, "So what should we do? If we want to wake back up and reclaim our lives? How do we do that?"

"The answer is simple, but it is not as easy as you think," she answered. "You set your feet on another path everytime you set in motion a cause that takes you where you want to go. A thought, an emotion, an action ... each sets up a chain of events and takes you life in a different direction. Each action you take knowingly takes the place of mindless action, and you slowly replace the Pied Piper's seeds with your own, sowing a crop of actions, thoughts and feelings that are truly your own instead of those supplied by others. And thus you become your own Pied Piper, and follow the music of your authentic life. The one you were menat to live."

"To get started, just use your intuition and pick one of the icons below. The one that draws you is the right place for you to begin discovering yourself ..." she said as she pointed below.



Icon: Journey To Discover Yourself

Discover Yourself

Journey of Self Discovery

My Journey of Self Discovery

Icon: Find Your Lifepath

Choose My Life Path


Bliss Icon: Find Your Bliss

Find My Bliss Ingredients

Icon: Life Theme

Find My Life Theme

Icon: Find Your Life Calling

Find My Calling

Describr Living Your Dreams

Define The Life I Want

Icon: Make Your DReams Come True

Make My Dreams Come True

Self Discovery Collage Art: A Journey of Self Discovery

Start My Journey of Discovery

Teh Big Questions of Life (Icon)

Big Life Questions


Art: Potential (Personal & Universeal)

My Potential







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