Looking For Vision & Mission Statements?


Statements of Vision, Purpose & Mission

Whether you want to make a statement for personal or company use, putting your thoughts on paper can clarify your thoughts, provide direction and inspire yourself and others.

But you may not be clear about what these statements are, the differences between them, and how they can help you turn your ideas and dreams into a reality.

So first, an overview of the basic types of statements.

Vision Statements

Vision statements describe the future and give you a way to judge every decision you make. They outline in very clear and specific detail who you or the organization is, how you will shape the future and why it is important.


Mission Statements

Mission statements describe the work you or the organization does -- in clear and inspiring detail. It includes who you serve, the impact you want to have, and how you are different from others. Often your mission statement details how you will achieve or be a part of shaping the future described in your vision statement.


Life Purpose Statements

Life purpose statements describe why you exist, your purpose for being. Usually they are personal in nature, but often describe professional objectives like your life's work.


Values Statements

Values statements focus on describing the values or virtues you wish to embody and promote, or live your life by. For a company, they often outline the key characteristics and important beliefs by which the organization operates


Other Statements

In addition to these four basic statements, there are a number of other statements that people and organizations use on a regular basis. These include financial statements, strategic plans with objective and tactic statements, and

Statement Examples

Often, the first statements people make need a lot of refining ... and seeing other examples of life purpose and mission statements can really help. So here are a few you might enjoy reading and be inspired by ...

My Purpose In Life Is ...

... to learn how to use humor and kindness to help people adjust to the inevitable changes that come with aging and ill health.

Read more ...



My Life Purpose Is ...

I want to be a spokesman for wildlife issues and help people connect their daily actions to saving the wildlife on this planet.

Read more ...



My Mission in Life is ...

.. working with hard working moms and dads, as well as community centers and local churches to help struggling families stretch their paycheck and be able to make sure they can feed their family through the month.

Read more ...


Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about statements, here are a few links for you ...


Example - Ending World Hunger

Example - Teaching in Emerging Economies

Sample - Responding to Environmental Disasters

Life Purpose Statements

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Example - Writer (How Humor Heals)


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     Example - Teach Emerging
     Example - End World Hunger
     Sample - Respond Envr Disasters
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