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Start Living A Life That Inspires You

Are you living an extraordinary life that inspires you? Is your life on track? Or would you rather being living a different life story?

Many of us are not living the life we dream of. The decisions and choices we have made have led us down a different road in life, sometimes leaving us wondering how we got here. Sometimes if can feel like we are not living our life, but someone else's.

But it does not have to be that way. You can change your life and start living a life of your dreams.

What is An Extraordinary Life?

An extraordinary life is filled with elements which inspire us and make life worth living. However, to afford that life and have the time to enjoy it, we need to find the right ingredients.

These ingredients of your bliss make up the life story you wish you were living ... and describe the life work you can do to pay to make your story come true. So if watching eclipses, swimming with dolphins, traveling the Silk Road or living in an artist's loft makes your life extraordinary why not live that life and have a job that pays you to do it?

But before you can make your dreams come true, you have to describe what they are ... what living the life of your dreams looks and feels like.


Describe Living Your Dreams

So what are the elements of a life so perfect for you that you could not imagine a better one? You want to include things such as the ...


Once you have started to make a list, you are on your way to creating a life story that inspires you to live your dreams. And once you have that life story, you can start to understand how your work, your weekends and your life can start to work together to create a life you would be thrilled to live.

Your life's work should support living your dreams, not require you to sacrifice them in exchange for a paycheck.



How To Get Started

The most power tool you can have is a clear idea of what you want, written down and imagined in detail so life can start using its invisible hands to help you make those dreams come true.




It all starts with creating a simple statement that describes what life is like when you are manifesting your potential ... and doing what you love.

"I feel fully alive. I love what I am doing. And I am great at it too. Each day I wake up living where I have always dreamed of, excited to start my day.

Each workday is full of meaning as I solve the problems and issues that fulfill my life calling. I work with great people, in inspiring settings, doing things I used to only dream of.

Every night I go to sleep knowing that I made a real difference, surrounded by the people I love most. I feel like I am finally living the life I was born to live. I can not imagine living a more perfect life or doing anything better than the work I do now."

"I absolutely love my life and my work. I wake up every morning excited to start the day. I work with great people, in inspiring settings, doing things I used to only dream of ... I feel like I am finally living the life I was born to live."




Now take these statements and fill them in with the ingredients of your bliss, so you get a detailed description of the life story you want to live.

Want to see what a sample statement looks like?

Living Your Dreams Journals

Here are some great journals to help you put down your thoughts, ideas, and visions of the life you want to lead ...




And tools to help you reconnect with your dreams and what you truly want in life.





Live The Life You Love Tools

Here are a few things you can gift yourself or someone you love to help you change your life ...





Living My Dreams: Sample Description

Creating A Detailed Description Your Bliss Ingredients

Follow Your Bliss


What's Next ..

If you need more ideas or inspiration, try these ...



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