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Surreal art, word play, new fangled ideas and ancient wisdom* combine to create a different vision of work in the 21st century ... work that allows you to feel great about yourself, help the world and those around you thrive, and give you the tools and experiences to translate your life calling and purpose into action.

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* green language

Recognizing Great Work

Hermes THrice Great Paracelsus figures and profit.Sees Blake's Maerry AGe of HEaven & Held ... Sir George Ripley Nicholas Fal..Mel at alchemy web [ spin it] cider MAry SOuth At-wood at rex {king} Signature of All Things by Jacob Boehme at


We all long to find work that we excel at and are passionate about ... but it can be hard to recognize it when we find it.Read More ..

Finding Great Work

Great Work: Eight Essential Elements (M.ail Art.i.fect)

We dream about ... work that not only inspires us but calls to us and adds meaning to each day. Read More ..


Being Awesome at Work

Aweseom Work .. Windmill Tilting Dulcinea


From our first childhood dreams .... we play act out being awesome at what we do, surprising and delighting the ones we love. .


Finding A Cool Career*

Cool Careers: How To Find Yours (Fish Net Stocking The Job Pool)


Whether you are seeking adventure on the high C's, to walk on the moon or invent the next killer app .... a cool career is not out of your reach.


Succeeding at YOur Dream Job

Art: Succed at Your Dream Job

DO you know what it takes to succeed at your dream job? Read more ...


Becoming A Dream Candidate

Art: The Dream Candidate ... The One Who is Not Supposed to Exist

Do you want to be the dream candidate ... the one person they want to hire ... when you interview for your dream job? Read More ...

Finding Your Dream Job

Icon: Find Your Dream Job (Put Your Own Stamp on it)

Lady Atlas holding up the world ... it can seem like an endless and fruitless task trying to find your dream job ... Read More







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MAnifest Your Potential ... Cadmus SOwing Seeds of Change & Hope


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