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The Divine Language of The Birds

Green language is a way of communicating that allows people across different cultures and centuries to discuss and share ideas about the universe and each person's place in it. Transcendent experiences, cosmic ideas, and the "extra" in extraordinary reality are communicated through the use of a "divine language of the birds" that reveals itself as person's understanding grows.

Postal: The Letter B, As in Beth

To communicate a wealth of ideas, the green language employs***** a lot of wordplay -- puns, alternative spellings, interesting punctuation, deconstruction into letters and connections with other words, ideas, symbols, writings, meta4s, myths, and wisdom. These associations are evoked as you read "green language texts", often seen either as cleverly written papers or meaningless documents created by the ignorant or foolish witch are easily dis.miss.ed.


Each man is given two eyes to see,
two ears to hear and
one mouth to speak.
What they see, hear and say is up 2 the.m.

An example might help ... take the letter B ...

Each of these associations brings up additional ideas and soon you have a chain of intuitive associations (a.rising*** from the subconscious) that can lead your thoughts to very interesting**** questions, ideas and experiences.

In any case, don't worry if it doesn't make sense to you right away. You can safely ignore them if you wish, or give them time to sink in2 your subconscious and see what floats up en time. When you are ready, they will start to make sense. And as your understanding grows, so will the depth and breath of the cents you purr.c.eve them with.

As ancient wisdom says ... reveal only what the seeker can knot find on his own ... once the clue has been provided, the rest of the work is up to those who truly wish to k/now.

To Learn More ...

If you are interested (enter rested) in learning more, try the green language of light or these pages ...


understanding nonsense

poetry for parrots*

alternative spellings


Manifest Your Potential .com


* shall = shawl -> cloak -> SOng of SOL.oman -> new patch on cloak, give a man your shirt ...

** Sarah means "princess" in Hebrew (a cup of T), and K= key 10+ Wheel of Fortune --> so princess of the Wheel of Fortune. Fortune = for.tune = 4.tune a pee.ann/oh than tuan fish ... where tuan=tuna. Wheel = W.heel = w/he/el = w.heal =, where el and ra (in Cannan and Egypt) have divine over.tones (where tones are related to tunes, another word for songs and a link between o and u, or Key 15 and Key 5).

*** A.rising in astrology is linked to Ascendant rising, or Key 0 and the rising sun at an angle (aka angel) at 45 degrees - the angle of a where dia=day)

**** interesting =, where rest is related to Sephirah 7 and the Sabbath day of rest, with the work still to be purr.fec.ted (fec =?? federal energy com.mission, where energy = NRG --> key 13, 19 and 2. changing or growing the Sun and the Moon, Sol * Luna ... and Maier's Atalanta fugiens Emblem 30)

***** employs, where O-->A becomes em.plays or M.plays (O = omega, the last letter in the Greek alphabet and A = Alpha, the first letter or beginning of the Greek on the gray ... where Aleph is the first or beginning of the Hebrew aleph.beth and Tau the last letter = lett'er as in let my P.pole go, where P implies Key 16 or lightening, making it Ben Franklin's lightening rod, or Moses' snake / staff .. and on and on it goes ...)


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