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Icon: The Fool Tarot Card  The Magician Tarot Card (Tarot Playing CArd - Mercury)

Life is full of experiences and choices that challenge our level of understanding, our faith and our reliance on deep principles that lie at the bottom of the sea of unconsciousness.

High Priestess Tarot Playing Card



Behind you is a past that reflects only who you used to be ... and what others expected of you.


The Empress TArot Card (TArot Playing Cards)


Ahead, Chockmah and Binah beckon you to a higher level of understanding and pure wisdom.


Teh Chariot Tarot Card (Tarot Card Deck)



Are you ready to step out into The World?





Ready to start implementing the principles of Nature which are your birth right-left?





Here is where the rubber tree meets the road ... and palm fronds ruffle in the winds of the minds.


The Wolrd Universe World Tarot Card (Tarot Playing Card Deck)


For more practical applications of wisdom, check out the life ways, game of wisdom and make senses pages.

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