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Life, love, work ... how do navigate the world and enjoy all it has to offer without getting snagged by the rose's thorns and the Queen's thistle?

Sometimes all you need to change things is a little illumination, a few ideas and a fertile mind.



Long COnversations: Conversing Across The Ages

Long Conversations



Master The Game of Wisdom

When you were born, did anyone bless you and encourage you to seek wisdom and follow in the steps of wise men?


Game of Wisdom: Emblem of Alchemical ALpha - Omega Chess Board

Wisdom Clues & Hint: Asttology as a Personal Starting Point   Sabian Symbols - 350 degrees


I Ching Strategies & Lessons    Minor ARcana Energies & Resources


Hexagram #10 Conduct: I Ching Art   

Hexagram 30 Synergy of I Ching (art Envelop)Art: I ching Hexagram #36 (Censorship) Lorenzetti Entry into Jerusalem

Understand & See Sabian Symbols

There are symbols of wisdom that show the movement of the transcendent in our current reality.



aAbian Symbol Aries 17 - Two Prim SPinsters Sitting TOgether In Silence   Sabian Symbol - Scorpio 20 - A Woman Drawing Aside Curtains   Sabian Symbols - Taurus 7 - The Woman of Samara Comes To Draw Water

Sabian Symbol - Libra 6 - A Man Wathes His Ideals TAking A Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision


Sabian Symbols - Cancer 22 - A Young Woman Awaiting A Sailboat   Sabian Symbol - Taurus 7 - The Woman of Samara Comes To Draw Water  Sabian Symbol - Gemini 9 - A Medieval Archer Stands With The Ease



Sabian Symbols - Libra 9 - Three Old Masters Hanging In A Special Room In An Art Gallery  Sabian Symbols - Aries 3 - A Cameo Shows The Profile of A Man That Suggests The Outline of His Country


Sabian Symbol - Aquarius 21 - A Woman Disappointed & Disillusioned, Courageously Facing A Semmingly Empty Life   Basic Facts of Work


Sagittarius 27 - The Sculptor's Vision Is slowly But Surely Taking Form


Make Sense of Wisdom

Do you wonder if there is more to life than paying bills, watching TV and mowing the lawn or shoveling a pile of papers and reports?


Make Sense of Wisdom  - Archetypes, I ching, Tao, Green Language, Tarot


Wisodm Icon: Clues Hints Symbols  Icon: Wisdom CLues Hints Images  Wisdom Icon: Words Human Archetypes

Wisdom Icon: Places   Wisdom Icon: Clues & Hints in STories   Icon: Numbers (8 pence Blue War and Canoe Stamp)


 Wisdom of Numerology    Postcard: Gifts for Dreamers at Manifest Your Potential


Faux Postcard: Wisdom Images & Cardigan Sweater Ghosts


Land of Milk and Honey - Tarot 7   Green Language Postcard ... Finnegan's Wake Up Call



Green Language Usage: Copper Scroll (Ancient Text Mystery)     Green Language ARt: Rhode Island Reds







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MAnifest Your Potential ... Cadmus SOwing Seeds of Change & Hope


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