What Are The Eight Stages of Life?


Life Stage Art: Exploring       Life sTage ARt: Focusing       Life sTage ARt: Life Calling       


Life sTage ARt: Excelling        Life sTage ARt: Mastering       Life sTage ARt: Transcending         Life sTage ARt: RE:genesis


Life sTage ARt: Working


If you want to make sense of your life -- you need the big picture of what life is all about. While the game of life helps you understand what role you want to play, life ages help you see the life span you play across. But there is more going on here ... and that is what life stages help you understand.

Life stages layout the process of development from novice to a master transcending the limits of what is possible. They dovetail with Shakespeare's life ages of man and the life phases from conception to death.

If you have ever felt stuck while everyone else seems to get ahead, or you want to know how to earn more money and succeed at life ... the eight life stages are here for you. Use them to be more effective and fast track your way to the top of your field.


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