Want To Build Your Dream Business?


Build Your Dream Business (FLying Elephants)




Riding The Elephant of Success

Do you dream of starting your own business? Burn like a man with his hair on fire to be your own boss and chart your own course? Want to build more than houses or reputations?

Building your own dream business is a bit like riding an elephant ... you begin to help the world. How? By becoming a part of the free enterprise system that heeds the call of each heart towards freedom.

Building A Business on Dreams

Not everyone needs, wants or can succeed at starting and running their own business. And starting a business from scratch is very different from working as an employee or running a business that is already up and running. Kind of like the different between starting a flour mill to make the raw ingredients for a cake .. instead of opening the package and pouring out the contents or wolfing down the results.

But if you have a life path that includes the skills and passions for life path 8 activities ... founding, directing, owning, and administrating ... the call to build their own dream business can be like a herd of elephants who roam through your house ... or your dreams ... but you don't want to notice them.

They are always there .. as are the business ideas that nag you to be taken seriously ... and messing up your floor and your life if you keep ignoring them.

Risky Monkey Business

The risks of starting a business are high. You have as high a chance of failing as Alexander did of winning against the warrior elephants of Persia and the Indus Valley. Many are better off pelting customers like monkeys hanging out in the trees.

It is no place for amateurs or the faint of heart, the under funded or the ignorant. Because you are risking your life savings, your credit rating, your mortgage (if you own a house), and your wages (what you are losing by not working for someone else).

Sounds scary? It can be if you do not know what you are doing. You need to be prepared to ride the elephant where it takes you ..even it that is not a bed or roses.

Baby Elephant Steps

If you are up for the challenge ... here are a few thoughts ...about how to get started.

1. Finding My Business Niche

2. Come Up with Great Business Ideas


3. Prepare For My Dream Business


4. Start My Dream Business


5. Build My Dream Business

6. Make A Profit at My Dream Business



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