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Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Your Gifts & TAlents .... a Perfumer's Nose  Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Things You Love ... Hack.el STep.He. Idea  Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Activities You Love .... Cosmic Wallet (hidden my pitcherS)


Do you know how to start living your bliss? Most people do not even know what their bliss is, let alone how to go about finding it. But once you have heard of it, or even experienced even a little of it ... it can inspire you to find and follow yours.

It all begins with a recipe ...

A Recipe For Following Your Bliss

To find and follow your bliss, you need to know what it is. And this simple recipe for mastery helps you by identifying the eight ingredients that make up your bliss. Once you know this, you can start putting your bliss into words ...


 Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: People You Love .... Tribal face (Buckwheat)

One: People You Love

These are the types of people, clients, customers co-workers and bosses you love to be around and work with. Read more ...




Experiences You Love .... A Fool's Bag Chalk full of experiences

Two: Experiences You Love

These are the events, situations, circumstances and sensations you love to experience and be a part of. You may love experiencing a special time of day, or being able to watch the tide come in. For others it is finding a great gift or holding a baby in their arms. Read more ...





Places You Love .... Perfect Reflection of Morning Light on Sea Coast

Three: Places You Love

These are the locations and environments you love to be in. For Harry Joy in the movie Bliss, the place was a forest in the Australian bush. For you, it may be the mountains, a broadway stage, or a bookstore. Read more ...





Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Problems, Isues & Needs You Love .... Personal Flying Cloak Balloon

Four: The Problems, Issues & Needs You Love To Solve

The problems, issues and needs you love to solve are the tasks you love to fill your workday with. They add meaning and purpose to life and create work you deeply care about. It could be how to conjugate a verb, save a rainforest or stuff a goose. Read more ...





Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Activities You Love .... Cosmic Wallet (hidden my pitcherS)

Five: Activities You Love

These are the tasks and projects you love to do ... the things that keep you up late at night, fill your weekends, and you dream of doing when you retire. Whether you love to create worlds, demolish old buildings, or plant spring bulbs, these activities keep your life alive. Read more ...







Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Things You Love ... Hack.el STep.He. Idea

Six: Things You Love

These are the physical things ... tools, materials and objects ... you love to work with and be around. They are the things you love to handle, which inspire and delight you -- and they help create work you are passionate about. It could be old ship's masts, new books, Indian rugs, perfume bottles or your personal collection of vinyl 45s. Read more ...






Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Ideas & Knowledge You Love .... Indra's Net Treasure

Seven: Ideas & Knowledge You Love

Ever lost track of time while learning about something you loved? These are the ideas and knowledge you love to think and talk about, and want to work with every day. From tide schedules and theories of the Universe, to military maneuvers and hair dye formulas ... these are the food your brain thrives on.   Read more ...





Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Your Gifts & TAlents .... a Perfumer's Nose

Eight: Your Gifts & Talents

Your gifts and talents are the abilities you excel at and define the work you are naturally great at. Whether you can always point north, know when it is going to rain, feel a hit record or identify animal tracks in the snow ... these are the activities you excel at. Read more ...



Fulfilling Your Bliss Recipe

Now that you have an idea of what goes into a recipe for bliss ... you can start looking around for what to include to create your own prescription for your personal bliss.

Just add your personal details ... and whaaallla!

Knowing What You Seek

Knowing what you seek is half the battle!* So now that you have few good clues ... do you want to go find your bliss?



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