What Problems DoYou Love To Solve?


Problems You Love To Solve

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So what kinds of problems do you love solve?

Loves = $olve ...

Simply put, people pay to have their problems solved. And there are millions of problems people and organizations need help with - ranging from the everyday to the unusual.

So if you find a problem you love to solve -- you can sell your time, expertise, services or products to solve it. Whether you teach others the solution or just take care of the problem, there is good money in providing the right solution to people who need it.

So what kinds of problems do you love solve?

Two ways to describe problems is by the question the solution answers. For example, do you love to help people figure out ...

How Do I ... ?

What Should I ... ?


Although the above examples focus on individuals, both groups and businesses also have problems they pay to have solved, such as ...

Book - Find Your Bliss 5: The Problems, Issues & Needs You Love by Manifest

Squeaky Wheels Get Fixed

Just as the squeaky wheel gets the attention, so problems have a way of motivating others to pay to get them solved. So, if you are great at solving a particular type of problem, and love to do it -- why not get paid for it?

To learn more and go on a personal journey to discover the things you love ... click on the book cover. If you just want to get your feet wet first, try Exploring Your BLiss.





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