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Having Them* Call You

Do you dream of getting a call out of the blue to interview for your dream job? Are you interested in letting your great work speak for you? Do you want someone else to do the legwork in finding your dream job?

If so, there are several things you need to do long before you walk into an interview.

Become A Dream Candidate

It may seem like a simple thing, but search firms are looking for the best candidates, the cream of the crop ... and so you need to rise to the occasion and the top of the pail .. in order to be spotted and recognized.

Dream candidates not only have the right skills, knowledge, work history, values and industry background .. they make a point of standing out of the crowd and doing things that highlight their strengths.

These include ...


Become A Search Firm Client

Career placement and executive search firms make a living by quickly matching up dream candidates with good companies.

So becoming a client and having your resume entered into their database is in both of your interests. And it is not disloyal to the company you work for ... because companies can change management, fall on hard times, or shift focus and policies away from what you love and were hired to do.

Getting noticed is the first step, but the second is having a solid work reputation and the personal life to go with it. Dream candidates are meant to solve problems, not become one. And so they have higher standards to meet in their professional and personal lives ... being honest, smart, farsighted and focused.

To be prepared for the call and invitation to join the search firm's database, you need ...


Building A Network To Get The Word Out

It starts with getting to know other great people in your industry and related ones. People who are also great at what they do and love it. They usually have a network of their own. And when the time is right, you can let the right people know two things:

As you discretely spread the word through your network, you want to describe your dream job or next career step clearly enough so everyone can recognize it when it pops up ... or direct you to the people who will recognize it.

People who love what they do love to help others who are passionate and great at what they do .. find the right job and employer.

Apply For Your Dream Job Before It Exists

Many of the best jobs never make it to being advertised .. you just hear through the grapevine that someone was hired or changed companies.

Often these positions and dream jobs are filled by people who put out feelers long before the position existed. And sometimes, the position is created for the dream candidate ... rather than the other way around.

If you have identified your dream companies ... you can let them know of your interest before a position opens. Enthusiasm and keeping in touch are great ways to signal your long term interest in working for the company and helping it solve problems and prosper.


to be continued



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