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Find Out Your Path in Life

Looking for your path in life? Curious how the nine life paths to mastery can help you turn your favorite activities into a path to your life's work?

We all need a little help figuring out what is the best path for us ... and some courage to follow it when it appears beneath our feet.

We often fear it will lead us astray, out of our comfort zone. But our path is the one meant for us .. the one that takes the best path though all the life events, challenges and life lessons destined for us. It is the scenic one that includes all the good stuff and avoids most of the disasters (unless they are a natural and normal part of our growth into who we are meant to become).

But still you may be wondering ...

Why Find Your Life Path?

Sometimes people stop and ask this question ... so it is worth answering. Finding your path in life helps you make good decisions. If you hate something, you should avoid it and travel towards what you love, like a moth to a flame.

Doing what you love, with the people you love ... improves* your whole life, your mood, your health ... everything.

Artist Stamp: Life PAth (Moth to Flame in South Pacigs in Snail race)

It can also open doors and help you take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Some people take the first path that opens up to them .. and often get lost along the way. Some of them wash up here ... looking for a way back to a real life ... a life becoming who they were meant to be.

Finding your life path gives you a better chance of that ...

Children & Playgrounds

The paths may differ, but the destination for your journey through life is the same. If you ask a child what game they want to play, it is usually the one they are best at, the one they can win or have the best time playing. As we grow older, things don't change much ... we like working on things we excel at, that we have the best time doing.

So the life paths are divided up into nine basic life activities. And these activities can be used to discover a career based on work you love to do.

So, do you want to get started? The first place to start is by asking ...

What are the nine Life Paths?


The Nine Life Path Activities

There are the nine basic activities that describe what humans do. Look these over and see which* describe what you love to do ..

Pinoeering & Pioners Crossing The Prarie

Discovering, Innovating & Envisioning

Do you love to discover new things? Go exploring distant lands or on the Internet? Love to spend your day dreaming up the future? Or being a new pioneer in your field of study? The world needs people who love to explore, pioneer, invent and innovate .. and they often work at the forefront of scientific, cultural and social development.

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Life Path Two: Nurturer, Grower, Advisor, Counsel, Supporter, Developer

Nurturing, Growing, Developing & Counseling

Do you love to help things grow and thrive? Do you like to develop new ideas or systems? Love to give advice and good counsel? Whether it is money, livestock or a spiritual life ... the planet needs people who excel at improving life for everyone by nurturing, caring for and developing everything around them.

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Life Path Three: Expressive, Artist, Performer, Writer, Musician

Expressing, Performing, Storytelling & Acting

Do you love to perform for others? Can't stop yourself from telling stories or creating art? Want to express everything you are feeling and think? express thoughts, feelings and insights? Artists and actors work hard to reveal the truth about us, our world, and our place in it.

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Designing, Planning, Building & Making

Do you love to design and plan things? Curious about how people engineer and build the things you use? Love to spend your days making things? Everyday people around the world turn raw materials and ideas into physical things ... by designing, planning, engineering, building and making things.

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Life Path Five: Adventurer, Cowboy, Warior, Protector, Guard, Athlete

Adventuring, Risk Taking & Protecting

Do you love to push the limits of what is possible? Drawn to protecting and guarding the things and people you love? Ready to face danger, take risks and triumph over great odds?

By showing what is possible for the human body through athletics and protecting us, people open boundaries and ensure peace and security for all of us.

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Life Path Six: Teacher, Healer, Librarian, Knowledge Worker, Manager

Healing, Teaching, & Managing

Do you love to heal the sick? Feel drawn to teach the world? Want to use knowledge to map new frontiers in new fields , the Universe or human consciousness? Or manage people, resources and projects to help things run smoothly and get done? People all over the globe work everyday to illuminate the world, share ideas and use knowledge to help others.

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Life Path Seven: Researcher, Analyst, Investigator, Journalist, Scientist, Mathematician

Investigating, Experimenting, Truth Seeking

Do you love to investigate theories and hypotheses? Love to run tests and experiments and then analyze the results? Curious about the inner and outer reality of our world? If you love experimenting, evaluating, documenting and working with facts, theories, and formulas ... this might be the right work for you.

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Life Path Eight: Founder, Director, Executive

Founding, Directing & Organizing

Do you love to start new projects and organizations? Love to organize your world and the things in it to bring order to chaos? Want to take responsibility and direct people, resources and money to where they are needed most? Those who excel at taking responsibility, setting goals, and working with others are in high demand.

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Life Path Nine: Guide, Mentor, Sage, Humanitarian

Guiding & Mentoring

Do you love to guide and mentors others? Drawn to working out a life philosophy and then sharing it with others? Feel like you are already a citizen of the world? Want to be a sage who uses ideas and wisdom to help people find what they seeking? Whether that is a safe path to world peace or a way to reach enlightenment --- these activities focus on guiding and mentoring others where they need to go.

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Life Path Zero: Going Around In Circles, Wanderer In The Desert, Lost

Searching, Lost or Clueless

Do you feel like you are lost? Still searching for what you love to do? Does it seem like you are clueless about who you want to become and are wandering around hopelessly uncertain about life and where you going? Many of us still seem to be sleep walking through life, unsure about what to focus on or where our passions lie.

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