Curious About The Link Between Life Paths & Astrology?


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Life Paths & House Astrology

Interested in the ideas behind the life paths? Curious how astrological houses match up and support the life path numbers?

If so, you have come to the right place to start putting astrology and life paths to work in your life.


Ancient Wisdom & Astrology

Ancient wisdom systems have long been tied to the use of numbers to reflect the basic energies of the universe universal and explain how it works. Because everything has its own unique energy signature, or vibration ... energy was a fundamental way to describe everything and attempt to influence it.

The houses of astrology are part of this larger web of understanding the world via numbers ... and so they are related to the development and use of the life path numbers for careers.

Astrological Houses & Life Paths

Like numerology, astrology and its houses point to the correspondence of all things. By looking at this relationship, you can see how to better apply the life paths in your own life and those of others.


Life Path 0 - Lost, Clueless or Still Searching: We all lose our way or struggle to figure out who were are and what career we are supposed to be working at. When we are most lost and uncertain, it is because we face the unlimited possibilities that represent the undefined Aleph.

Life Path 1 - Innovation & Envisioning: Traveling and experiencing the new is the work of the 1st House of Ego.

Life Path 2 - Nurturing & Growing: The nurturing of loved ones is extended to all of life and reflects the energy and work of the 2nd and 11th Houses of Family and Friends.

Life Path 3 - Expressive: Self and self expression are both parts of the 5th House of Expression, the love affair with the Self and the gamble you have to make in order to play The Fool.

Life Path 4 - Building: The foundation of any house ,,, whether of knowledge, people or justice ... rests in the heart symbolized by the 4th House of Home.

Life Path 5 - Adventure: The risk taking of life path 5 corresponds to the life and death situations hinted at in the 8th House.

Life Path 6 - Healing & Teaching: Using knowledge to heal others is related to the 6th house of Health and the Tree of Knowledge.

Life Path 7 - Truth Seeking: The strong need to develop and communicate knowledge and truth is related to the 9th House of Knowledge and the 3rd House of Communication.

Life Path 8 - Directing: The focus on directing work and projects fits the 10th House of Careers and self directed work.

Life Path 9 - Guiding: Helping others find their way out of the darkness that limit and imprison them is related to the 12th House of Limitation. Chiron is one of the asteroids that reflect the mentoring energy as well.


Adding Meaning To Your Life

Seeing how wisdom systems mesh and work together can open new doors of understanding and add meaning to the way you work with and apply these systems.

So, are you ready to ...



find your life path

find great work

take up your life's work


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