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A New Way To Think About Your Life Path

Are you ready to find out your path in life? Want to find the right path in life for you that includes making a living doing what you love?

Many of us are searching for a way to make sense of the things we love to do and figure out a way to paid well to do them. And this is where finding your path i life makes sense .. because it shows you how to translate what you love to do into a career and lifestyle.

Following Your Passions

All you need to do is follow your passion ... and see where it leads you. The things you love to do usually fall into a few categories ... and if you can discover what they are, you are halfway to knowing what careers you would excel at.

Isn't a life spent doing what you love ... what you are looking for? So why not get paid doing the things we love ... what we stay up late at night doing and what makes us excited to wake up?

Nine Basic Life Paths & Activities

Your passion falls into categories ... based on the activities you love to do. Just explore the ones that speak to you, and you are already on the path of discovering the careers you love.


Life Path One

Discover, Innovator & Visionary

Are you curious about everything that is new? People who follow these life paths are at the forefront of scientific, cultural and social development. They excel at leaping into the unknown and making it known.

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Life Path Two: Nurturer, Grower, Advisor, Counsel, Supporter, Developer

Nurturer, Grower, Developer & Advisor

Do you love to make things grow - whether it is money, livestock or a spiritual life? People who follow these life paths excel at improving life for everyone by nurturing the people, plants, or animals around them.

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Life Path Three: Expressive, Artist, Performer, Writer, Musician

Expressive, Performer, Storyteller & Actor

Do you love to express thoughts, feelings and insights? Expression is the name of the game ... in all its forms - writing, performing, composing, acting, sculpting -- to reveal the truth about ourselves, our world, and our place in it.

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Designer, Planner, Builder & Maker

These life paths love to turn materials and ideas into physical things ... by designing, planning, engineering .. or actually building and making things. People who follow these paths give shape to our world by creating the physical things in it.

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Life Path Five: Adventurer, Cowboy, Warior, Protector, Guard, Athlete

Adventurer, Protector & Warrior

Do you love to go on adventures, push the limits of what is possible, face danger and triumph over great odds to protect, guard, and rescue us and the things we love? People who follow this path take risks for great rewards to ensure peace and security for all of us or push the boundaries of human abilities.

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Life Path Six: Teacher, Healer, Librarian, Knowledge Worker, Manager

Healer, Teacher, & Manager

Using knowledge wisely is at the heart of the life activities of teaching, healing and managing. People who follow this path illuminate the world by communicating ideas, sharing theories and acting to bring about the ideal conditions.

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Life Path Seven: Researcher, Analyst, Investigator, Journalist, Scientist, Mathematician

Investigator, Scientist & Truth Seeker

Do you love to study and investigate the reality of our world? Do you love to investigate, research , analyze, experiment, study, unearth the truth and share it with all of us? These life paths invest in evaluating, documenting and working with facts, theories, and formulas.

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Life Path Eight: Founder, Director, Executive

Founder, Director& Organizer

Do you love to organize, direct, coordinate and bring money, people, tools and knowledge together to get something done? People who follow this life path excel at taking responsibility, setting goals, and working with others.

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Life Path Nine: Guide, Mentor, Sage, Humanitarian

Guide, Philosopher, Sage & Mentor

Do you love to map the territory so you can show others the way? Whether that is a scenic trail through the forest, a safe path to world peace, or a way to reach enlightenment --- these activities focus on guiding and mentoring others, using ideas and wisdom to help people find what they seek.

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Searching, Lost or Clueless

Do you feel like you are lost, still searching for what you love or are hopelessly clueless? If so, you are not alone. Most of us wander through life like that .. until we find our thing ... So if you have not yet found your focus -- you may be still exploring all the possibilities, gathering more experience or taking a life detour.

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