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Putting Your Ideas & Knowledge Base To Use

What ideas do you like to think about? What knowledge do you love to learn? The answers tell you about the seventh ingredient of your bliss ... and help you to leverage all the data, facts, ideas, knowledge and wisdom you have acquired and put them to good use.


So, what do you love to learn and think about


Book 5: The Ideas & Knowledge You Love (Find Your BLiss)

The knowledge you acquire about an industry, how a product works, what your customers want, how the world currency markets work .. these are all things that you can get paid to learn more about. There are usually always someone who wants to know more about a subject ... or will pay you to know it well if it can be used to solve a problem or earn more profits.


Helpful Resources

If you need help turning your ideas into reality -- here are a few books that might help -- and many maybe at your local library.




IdeaSpotting: How to Find Your Next Great Idea  

If you need help finding that next great idea or spotting your own acres of diamonds, this inspiring book may be just what you need.


Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality  

If you can't seem to be able to turn your ideas into reality, here is a book that will help you identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back.






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