What Activities Do You Love?


Activities You Love

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Bliss Ingredient 5: Activities You Love

What you spend your day "doing" defines the essence of your life's work. So if you love to shop all day, use your imagination, or make car engines purr - why not get paid to do it?

One of the fastest ways to describe your area of mastery or dream job is to list the activities you want on your "to do" list.

So what do you truly love to do? Would you love to be paid to ...

People around the world get paid every day to do these things. So, the real question is, if you truly love an activity, why not get paid to do it all week?

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Book of Activities You Love (The Three Grances of the Moon)

You can take a few moments and really think about what activities you love to do -- not just like but love. These questions might help you get started.

first, take a moment and grab a pieceof paper and get relaxed. Then pick a question below. First write down whatever answer comes, no matter how silly or off-beat. Then think about the question a bit more, and write down whatever ideas come. Answer as many of the questions as you can .... since each may evoke a slightly different answer.

And if you have time you are commuting, standing in line or waiting for dinner to heat up ... feel free to muse about these questions. Interesting insights and ideas often surface days later ... so keep that piece of paper (or your journal) handy and remember to jot your answers down.

Here you go ...



Hmm ... did I mention that thinking about the activities you love may trigger (no, not the horse) a strong desire to do them ... if it has been a while ... or do them more often?

And if you haven't been doing the activities you truly love to do, why not? It is easy to fall into a rut doing the chores that have to get done (or what your professor or boss wants) and forget about the things that make you want to get up in the morning. But it is a simple ...


Truth: Doing what you love to do brings incredible joy into your day.


Doing what you love ... well ... it sounds smaltzy but it is true ... it lets love transform your day. It gives you a sense of connection to what is right with the world. And it makes those bumps in the road ... well ... less bumpy.


Truth: If you are not sprinkling what you love to do throughout your day, you are missing out.




Helpful Resources

If you want to take the next step, try these books and tools. ..




The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

If you are seeking to find your passion, this book links how the activities you love are part of finding and doing the work you are passionate about.  








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