What Issues Do You Love To Embrace?


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What do you want to spend your workday focusing on?


Issues Needing A Voice ...

Do you feel compelled to give a voice to an issue, help raise awareness or bring people together to find a solution? If so, you have a great starting point for defining your life calling or your dream business.

There are many local, regional and global issues that need creative, determined people to work on solving them. Although many people tend to think of issue work in terms of volunteers and poorly paid jobs, there are organizations that pay well for achieving results. And there is plenty of work to do from raising awareness with professional publicity campaigns to fundraising, results oriented research and hands on management of solutions.

To make it easier to think about issues, we divide them into two kinds of activities: a) stop or reduce one thing or b) start and nurturing its replacement.

So, what do you want to spend your workday focusing on? Would it be ...


How To Stop, Reduce or End ...


How To Start, Promote & Nurture ...

It is important to realize that many times issues are really just problems that over time have become large, complex, and abstract. So solving them often means using a diversity of far reaching solutions and bringing together the right ingredients -- new ideas, strategic coalitions, money and momentum.

Book - Find Your Bliss 5: The Problems, Issues & Needs You Love by Manifest

If you focus on finding a permanent solution instead of a job for life you will be surprised what you can achieve and how fast you will be hired to work on similar problems.

To learn more and go on a personal journey to discover the things you love ... click on the book cover. If you just want to get your feet wet first, try Exploring Your BLiss.




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