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Issue: End World Violence (Replace Abuse with ...)

Happy people do not murder their fellow man, hit their children or abuse their spouse.

- Manifest


World Violence

To end world violence, you need to get to the root of the problem. And the problem is the lack of happiness. Violence springs up when people are frustrated, angry, and feel betrayed and abused themselves.

Change the anger into happiness, and the violence dies out ... starved for the emotions and behaviors that give rise to it. Remove the abuse and the family prospers. When families prosper, so do communities and regions.

Economies and communities alike are pulled down by violence ... from those in power as well as those so without power over their own lives they reach out to destroy others.


Lack of Happiness

So what is the root cause that grows anger, frustration and despair ... instead of happiness, joy and a meaningful life?

Lack of Power

People who lack power over their own lives, the power to make their life better ... or the life their children will have ... often turn to violence when there is no other option.

The challenge is to turn the striking out into something productive, that will give them power instead of taking it away from the people and things around them. So the critical task becomes getting them back in touch with their own power, and creating a system they can use to put that power to use in making their own lives and the ones around them better.

A person hard at work making their life better has little time to plot revolutions or crimes.

Few parents willing endanger the bright future ahead for themselves and their children.


This is no small task to connect and change the world view and focus of someone who has lost hope or the sight of how to bring about a better future for the ones they love.

Lack of Meaning

A lack of meaning is a lack of love ... of work that makes a difference ... of a reason to be ... and become better each day. Meaningless relationships, jobs, and schooling all add up to a lack of caring about themselves and the people and world around them ... and that fuels the cycle of violence.

The critical task is to find and infuse meaning into the lives of violent people ... who act out because they do not know what else to do, or where to turn.


Lack of Resources

Those without power often lack the very resources they need to make their lives better in a meaningful and real way. Without enough money to buy the education, housing, clothing, food, and medical care every person needs to not only survive, but thrive ... violence becomes a viable option when nothing better comes along.

Those without resources are stressed, increasing the need for the things they can not afford. And a lack of ideas and ignorance leads to the few resources they do have being used in ways that do not make a big enough difference to change things. Coping, instead of climbing out of the pit of despair, becomes the norm. And generation after generation become stuck ... and are held down.

Starved for the resources they need, the critical task becomes getting the resources flowing into the lives of those who will thrive because of it. Creating the good and services that will connect the resources with those who will be transformed by it ... and in turn seed the resources to transform other lives and the urban or rural landscape that is struggling.


Lack of Love

Love turned inside out sparks violence. And most people end up hurting the ones they are supposed to love and protect. Not feeling loved ... or loved in the right way ... can and does drive people crazy. And like hitting the stone instead of talking to it, they lose the keys to paradise when they belittle, scare, abuse or hit the ones they love. Some turn their anger on total strangers ... or strike out hoping someone will notice and know how to help them. Some turn the violence against themselves.



Lack of Hope

When every hope is lost, people give up ... and some turn to the only thing that will change things ... waking other people up or working actively on their own destruction.

The critical task is to renew hope and revive it with action ... action that changes things, that lets light start peeping under the door. The opening doors, to let more hope in and show the way to ... a brighter day, a better future, an opportunity to transform things in a meaningful way. The challenge is overcoming years of neglect, hopelessness, thoughtlessness, depression and the inertia of having given up .. from those you help and the ones around them.


Where You Come In

The ideas and strategies above are only a starting point.

How these are put into motion are up to you. People drawn to this issue are the ones who will be inspired to find the root causes and create the programs, goods and services that will solve this problem and end the violence.

Whether through therapy, skill retraining, empowerment projects or just an honest way to make a living and build a better life -- the ways are up to you and others who dream or are called to solve this problem.

Human violence is a manmad{e} problem, and only mankind can solve it.


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