Do You Want To End World Hunger?


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To end world hunger, you need to put something in its place.


Ending World Hunger

To solve the problem, you need to identify the specific root cause, which varies across the world. It requires thinking outside the box and developing cultural and environmental solutions that will be most effective.

Let's take a quick look at the problem and its roots ...

Lack of Food

The world environment and ecostructure change over time. So the ability of the land, water and air to support life change with it. Poison the water, parch the land or pollute the air ... and life moves on or dies out.

Regenerating The Land

If the natural resources have been damaged or destroyed by practices that have left it barren or poisoned, then the critical task is to regenerate the land ... ocean ... or airspace so it can become productive again.



How to Save the World


The challenges are many ... finding a cost effective way to use natural processes to speed the work ... finding a way to empower and retrain the workforce to carry out the work ... and finding an innovative way to fund the process. Also, if unsustainable practices caused the problem, they must be replaced with natural practices that imitate nature, create a sustainable balance, and have built in regenerative and restorative processes.

From the Sub saharan desert to the rainforests of the Amazon ... there are plenty of opportunities for creative solutions.


Restocking The Environment

If the land or other natural resource is still useable, but has been emptied of the raw materials necessary for a vibrant economy .. then restocking may be a very viable and cost effective answer. Over fishing, logging, farming and other practices of man have depleted spawning grounds, denuded the forest, and stripped the farmland of its natural ability to grow vibrant crops.

The critical tasks is to find a cost effective way to replace or restock the missing ingredient and reestablish a sustainable environment. Here, the challenges include securing investments to permanently fix the problem or finding low cost, local solutions that can be quickly implemented before more damage is done or the ecosystem starts to collapse.

Creative and compelling solutions to education, resource management, and growing a sustainable local community to protect and sustainably harvest the natural resources are needed everywhere ... from the salmon runs of the West Coast of America and the coral reefs of the South Pacific to the forests of the Amazon.


Migration Solution

When food sources become scarce, the land becomes infertile, or a much better opportunity arrives ... animals, people and microbes migrate to where the food is. For millennia the ocean and landmasses have been traversed by life seeking a better place to thrive.

Go west, young man!

The grass is always greener ...


Viruses, insects and animals have benefited from the increase in world travel. However, national borders and interests have stifled human migration ... especially when those in distress are seen as liabilities instead of assets.

When natural forces or man have created an irreversible impact on the ability to grow, gather or barter for food, long term or permanent migration is a natural response. The critical task is to make these refugees happy to move and welcome where ever they need to go ... even if that means crossing national borders.

The challenge is to turn the migrating group into a viable, productive, healthy work force who will bring prosperity and peace to where ever they go. To successfully match up a distressed group with few assets with an area that needs families and workers and will honor the customs and values of the new citizens.

From Dafur to the wastelands of Somalia ... helping people be sought after, instead of shunned, will require a new paradigm and flashes of genius.


Lack of Money, Goods& Services

Hungry people often lack the basic skills to make a good living and purchase the things they need, or trade for them. Sometimes, the tribal or local skills become extinct ... or the need for them declines. Local metal workers are replaced with a steel mill. Subsistence fishing is replaced with mile long nets.

Diversifying The Goods & Services

The world is becoming a much smaller space, and all of us are losing local markets to global trade. When goods and services are viewed as a commodity ... one coffee bean, banana or shrimp is as good as any other ... it is time to start looking for local resources to become more diversified or to amp up their uniqueness and excellence.


New In Town

Medicine Man



Relocating The Workforce

With no other skills, the workers and their families need to move to an environment where those same skills can be well employed and paid well enough to feed their families.

Re-Skilling The Workforce

But if a whole region is devastated , or a whole way of living is destroyed .. there may not be anywhere else nearby ... or in the world ... that needs those skills which are now obsolete. In that case, re-skilling the workforce is the answer ... and it must be quickly done in accordance with the local customs and skill base.

This takes thinking outside the box of work ...



Hula Girls

Seducing Dr. Lewis

The Full Monty



Import Raw Materials & Customers

If a change has occurred where the local environment lacks the resources ... if the materials or customers are portable, if may be easier to bring the taw materials and customers to them. But devastated areas make poor tourists areas, so long term development that capitalizes on the unique attributes and qualities of the region or its people must be made. That development must be sustainable, enrich the local environment, create an endurable economy and pay back the investors with tangible and intangible profits.


Where You Come In

The calling to end world hunger where ever it rears its ugly head ... is a personal choice to meet hunger and its root causes in the towns, villages and regions where it has taken hold.

Getting it to let go will not be easy ... but doing so brings with it so many good things .. laughter, joy, health, and the promise of a brighter future.

The specific programs, goods and services needed to solve world hunger ... that is where you come in if you are called to this issue.


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