What Are Your Gifts & Talents?


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Your Gifts & Talents

Are you curious about what you excel at? Do you wonder what professions or careers you could be great at? Would you like to earn more and be happier at work?

Your gifts and talents define the tasks and jobs you are well suited for. When you tap into and develop your gifts and talents, you can achieve amazing results that lead to being handsomely paid to do the work you love.

Although you may not know what yours are, everyone has at least five to ten gifts and talents -- things they already or could excel at. These gifts and talents make us unique -- but by no means special -- because everyone has their own unique combination.

We often don't recognize our gifts, because they are as much a part of who we are as our smile or laughter. But they include things like being able to ...


Discovering just one of your extraordinary abilities is the beginning of a great career. Just think how valuable it would be to a search and rescue worker to have a gift for tracking a missing person. Or for a chef to have a talent for finding exciting new ingredients to cook with.





When you know what your gifts and talents are, you start to reveal the work you can be naturally great at -- the professions and careers where you can excel because you already have the talent to easily succeed.

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Movies About Talents & Gifts

If you need some inspiration, you will find in these movies filled with lots of ideas and insights about how to discover your gifts and talents and start putting them to good use.




Babette's Feast





Baby Boom



Bagdad Cafe


Bend It Like Beckham



Billy Elliot




Blow Dry








Cold Comfort Farm



Edward Scissorhands






The Emperor's New Clothes



Finding Forrester


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