Are You Stuck In A Box?

Art: Box of Work (SHam.Wow Win Doa on the World of Worker Bees) I Ching hexagram 45


Curious about what work you excel at? A bit overwhelmed at how to choose a career and then succeed at it? Already have a job and not sure you want to keep it?

You are not alone. Few of us were taught how to open the box of work, look inside and understand the game of work, its rules and how to succeed at it. So, many of us lack the essential skills for turning the world into our oyster.

Sandboxes & Sweat boxes

But what if you could open the box and learn the rules? What if you could discover work you are great at ... work you love? What if you could learn the formula for a well paying job?

Work does not have to be a sweatbox and great work doesn't have to be a mystery. But it does, like a sweatbox, have beneficial properties ... like paying you to follow your life calling and providing a paycheck while you use and develop your gifts and talents.

For some lucky few, work can feel like a sandbox, and instead of trying to get out of it, they are trying to get in. They know business pays for lots of toys (known as work materials, tools and equipment) ... and they figure hanging out with the m.other* letters of Creation is better than untying Gordian's knot.

So is it time to ...



start thinking outside the box?

or climb inside?


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