Do You Know The Seven Kinds of Love Relationships?


Be Open to Love Relationships


If we are lucky, our lives are filled with people who love us. Who think we are the cat's meow ... and let us know that every time we are around them.

But who are these people, and what roles do they play in your life? Are you open to love or do you close the door when a stranger approaches? Would you recognize love ... if it knocked on your door ... using a different voice?

Can you recognize love in all its forms?

If you are curious, come learn more about ...


Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits


Lovers Stamp



Life Companion

A Life Companion


Love of My Life


The Love of Your Life



Great Love

A Great Love



A Soul mate


 Teh* Beloved

The Beloved



Or read some famous and inspiring quotes about love relationships.


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