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Curious about what makes you different? Are you asking yourself "What makes me special and unique?" You are like many of us who want to know ... and science's answer of focusing on body parts and fingerprints or DNA strings just doesn't fit our needs.

A good answer to this fundamental Question of Life needs to be more meaningful, more useful, more empowering.

So where can you turn for a way to find an answer for yourself?

Fitting Into Life's Equation

For many of us ... we are becoming a number. Where that is a social security number, a credit card number or a membership number. But each number in life is unique ... and like the number Pi, it is our special qualities which show us where we fit into the equation of life.

But before you dig into life's biggest questions like a bag of cookies ... maybe it makes sense to figure out ...

What will I do with the answer?

Will I use it to change my life?

Make different decisions?

Feel better about myself?

Think of myself differently?

If you know you are searching for the an answer that will help you figure out what you are supposed to do with your life ... or where you belong ... the answer you seek will be a lot more powerful.

If you feel like you don't belong ... then your answer should guide you to where you will. If you feel horrible about yourself, the answer should help you understand why you think and feel that way ... and help you to see yourself in a new light.

The Tough Thing aBout Being Unique

Am I Unique? postal art

Standing out and being unique can make it hard to fit in, especially if most of the people around you are pretty much the same as everybody else. You may get noticed, but not in the right way .. a way that honors who you are and what makes you unique.

Sometimes it gets you ostracized.. or leaves you feeling like you do not fit in ... and never will. And if it started in grade school, that feeling can hit high gear when you get into high school, move into a college dorm, start working at a humdrum company or join a community where everybody takes pride in the fact they are all the same.

The Ugly Duckling

So, like the story of the ugly duckling ... you can feel like you are at the bottom of the heap ... unwanted ... when in fact the problem may be that you are not around "people who get you". People who value your uniqueness and the special qualities you have that set you apart, and make you who you are.

The good news is that ...

what makes you unique is a hint
at what you can excel at

And when you know what you excel at, it is easy to identify the places you belong, the people who will appreciate you and the professions you can excel in.

Your unique sense of fashion can be the start of a career ... your eye for detail a critical skill in surgical procedures .... a dark-comedy sense of humor the perfect ingredient for a screen writer ... a runaway imagination the right tool for an innovator ...

Driving Your Friends & Family Crazy

The stuff that makes you unique may drive your family and friends crazy -- especially if they do not understand it. (One thing Ebay has done for the world is made the collectors of odd and unusual stuff be appreciated and rewarded for their special point of view.)

Being unique isn't easy ... but it is made easier by understanding what makes you so unique and different from everyone else.

Figuring Out What Makes You Unique

What makes you unique is more than your gifts and talents. It is tied into your potential ... who you can become ... and the ingredients of your bliss.

So if you are looking for a way to figure out exactly what makes you unique ... the answer starts with .... finding you bliss. With it you can create a unique description of who you are.

So, want to find out what makes you unique?



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