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Is it Possible To Find Myself?

Are you wondering 'How Do I Find Myself?' Curious how to go on a journey to discover who you are ... really? Want to connect with the true self that lies within you? Need a willing soul to guide you on your journey to find your inner self?

Then you are most Welcome!

I am Eager .... Egore to my friends ... but how that name came about is too along a tail to tell when you are on a quest and eager to begin. My charge is to help those who need it ,.,, who want to go on a journey to find the parts of themselves that have gone missing.

Far too often, we give away parts of ourselves in order to survive, or to learn the important lessons of life we need for the role of a lifetime ... a life that calls to us. And on that climb up the corporate ladder or into the SUV to drive the kids to soccer practice, music lessons and ballet .... we leave behind bits and pieces of our dreams, our hopes, our wonder and innocence.

But in this Universe, nothing can be lost forever .. lost 4 Eve.R ... for things move in cycles, the ouborous does grasp one again his tail .... and we can once again find the lost thread of our tale ... the story of our lives, the role we were meant to play.

Feeling Lost

The first sign that you are ready to go on a journey to discover those bits and pieces of yourself that society, your family or your goals had to jettison ... is a persistent feeling that you are lost. That you have lost something very valuable and meaningful ... yourself.

Losing Yourself

This is different from loosing yourself in the moment .. such as a moment of experiencing pure bliss. Or losing your wits, although the cat in the hat (see key 21) might know something about that. This is more like losing your idea of who you are .... deep down inside. Like losing the channel that is tuned into who you really are and what you should be doing with your life. It is like losing touch with the music inside of you ....

You Are Not Alone

A long time ago, people were losing themselves. But the pace seems to have picked up lately .... and with the changing of the ages, it is time once again to gather ourselves. Even the bits that don't seem to fit into this world and what it wants from us.

Myths & Legends

Although you might not think it so, myths and legends help you with this task. Although it depends on which part of you that is lost .... or needs to be found ... on the journey you need to take.

The masculine (yang) myths speak of journeys to gather a great treasure and bring it back to humanity from the underworld. Here, great deeds and overcoming great odds are part of the adventure ... and action brings you around on the Wheel of Fortune.

The feminine (yin) myths speak of inner journeys ... traveling into inner landscapes to uncover deep truths and resolve paradoxes to restore what has been taken hostage, or put back into place what is needed.




Often the journey involves finding a magical place like the source of the fountain of youth, a sacred item like the holy chalice, or a person of great wisdom who could answer all questions. Many great stories touch on this search ...



What You Seek

What you seek tells you a lot about what was lost. And the challenges along The Way are made to give you opportunities to master and demonstrate your character, your good qualities, your knowledge and level of intuition.

Find What Seek ... Your Self

Often the hero or heroine .. or the opponents he or she faces ... wear* masks. The treasure can be a symbol for what you love most ....

what will bring you the most happiness. And you may be traveling is disguise ... or your guides may be wearing things that throw people off your scent. The place you need to go is .... where your joy, passion for life, sense of adventure and awe about the mystery of life comes from.

Often, for the yin adventure, we call it home. For the yang journey, it is the place we return to.


"We arrive where we began and know it for the first time."


The sacred object you collect, or empower others to find ... is what holds your heart, inspires your soul, captures your attention, or is the source of your personal power (te) to make your way in the world.

The person of great wisdom who guides you is the one who holds all your power safe .... the true Self who lives within your center .. the inner heirophant who tutors and guides you.

So How Do I Find Myself?

Just begin. Take * a deep breath and let it out.

All the great myths and legends advise you to find yourself a knowledgeable and experienced guide for the journey. This can be a laconic hermit, a wizened forest creature or a spritly old hag. They help the hero or heroine recognize their uniqueness (u.nic.ness), develop their hidden talents, access their inner resources, and provide essential tools and knowledge to succeed on the journey.



The hero or heroine does not choose their guide. Instead ...

When the student is ready the master will appear.

I advise all travelers who wish to find themselves to not overlook the adage that all the World is your teacher ... and all signs point to Rome. None-sense, of course, is how to distinguish that you are on a journey of self discovery ... because the ordinary world thinks so little of it.

And keep an eye out for signs ... pointers that show you the way. Odd coincidences ... the ideas and thought you had coming back to haunt you ... aka reflected back to you in the world around you. Some call them synchronicities ... make that synchro.niceities... well, you get the idea. Not every spelling is a mistake ... soma* are clues.

You can start here ...


Come Discover Yourself



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