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Carl Jung's Insights about Myths

In his life work, Carl Jung discovered that the task of tasks was figuring out what the myth or story of your life was ... and he dedicated the rest of his life to finding the myth he was living out.

Socrates, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell ... they all encourage to know ourselves .. through our stories .. the ones we tell and the ones we love.

If indeed we are all maid of stardust ... then know*ing the Words that govern our lives and the ideas that bring life to our spirits ... would seem logical as well as intuitive.


New Millennium Myths

In his discussions with Bill Moyer, Joseph Campbell cited the need for a new set of myths for the new age or millennium that we are beginning. Our myths always need to keep current with the values of our society, our view of our place in the Cosmos, our individual needs to navigate life and ways to let the transcendent mystery reveal itself to us.

Here are a few of the ones which might address these needs ...


Lady in The Water


This fairy tale for adults by M. Night Shyamalan tells of how the lady of the water (think of Key 17 and the Age of Aquarius) comes to inspire a writer ... and her name is Story. In the olden days, the title for such a nymph was muse and butterflies were a metaphor for Psyche. The tale highlights important archetypes for the new age ... healer, storyteller, guardian, and interpreter (symbologist).




A star, the Evening Star, falls to Earth and finds Unconditional Love. An unknown heir who lives near a wall (see Key 19) finds his true love. And lightening catchers (see key 16) help the two discover love and develop the skills they will need to become who they were meant to be.

For more ideas ... see the work of Neil Gaiman, including Mirror Mask (see below).


The Da Vinci Code


A best selling tale of the secrets behind the legends and myths of faith that challenge each of us to look within for the ... ancient temples like Solomon's, the cup and sword of love, the M<Aster's work and starry knights. It was a world best seller not by chance or luck, but by timing and the following of the golden thread of a story that wanted and was ready to be told.


Harry Potter


Another best selling tale told over seven books by J.K.Row ling, who invites us into the her world of magic, along with Harry Potter, when we too turn 11 (the turning point age of magic and concrete realism in our minds ... see Key 11 and 12). The power of a mother's love, the interplay of choice and faith, the philosopher's stone of long life, and the hunt for immortality ... are just a few of the ideas given new life in this tale.


Mirror Mask


A story about the balance between light and dark, the windows between two worlds and the journey of self discovery one girl makes to learn where she belongs in her world ... and with whom. Keep an eye on the sphinxes, the schools of fish and the collaborative work of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean.



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