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Life Questions To Think About



Delving Deeper Into Self Discovery

Whether you are a student, a teacher or someone in search of a more meaningful life -- life questions are a great way to discover more about yourself and what makes you unique.

But why are they important to think about and answer?

Life Questions To Get You Thinking

Great questions get you thinking about your life, your dreams, your hopes and your goals. They can help you understand the life obstacles you face and get a handle on where you belong.

They help you discover profound insights into yourself and your take on the meaning of life, the importance of love, and the way you want to live life.

Many lie at the heart of the world's masterpieces in literature, art and myth ... and have nagged at some of the greatest writers, poets, painters and composers. And every child who has dreamed of who they want to be when they grow up has grappled with them as well.

Childhood Dream Questions

But all too often, once we leave school and our childhood dreams behind, we get caught up in making a living, paying the bills and relaxing on the weekends. And the questions of life get put on the back burner .. or are forgotten entirely ... until a midlife crisis, a health scare or a shift into the afternoon of life brings them all back up again.

So, where to start? There are several places, such as ...

The Big Questions of Life

If you want to dive in head first, you can start with answering what I call the Big Questions of Life .... if you not already done so.

Who Am I?               Where Am I Coming From?

Why Am I Here?       Where Am I Going?

                What Makes Me Unique?


Good Questions That Make You Think

If you want to go the more lighthearted route, you can begin exploring and journalling your answers to some good questions that make you think seriously about your life and ...

Good Questions That Make You Think

What inspires me?

What is my heart's desire?

What is my potential?

What am I good at?


More Interesting Personal Questions

Or you can start with some of these soul searching questions that help you identify the ingredients of your bliss ...

... the things you love, the activities you love, the places you love, the people you love, and the experiences you love.



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