Do You Know How To You Figure Out What To Do With Your Life?



Do you feel lost or clueless? Need some help figuring it out what you are meant to be doing with your life?

If you are guessing instead of knowing what you are supposed to be doing with your life ... you are not alone. You may be just like the story about a girl who misses the clues all around her and ends up not know what to do with her life.

But hidden in the background of her life are clues to both her life calling and purpose.


The Clues Are Hidden In Your Life

You have the same clues in your life ... and I can help you find them and begin to understand the secrets they reveal about who you are and what you should and could be doing with your life.

It may sound strange, but all the things you love, are curious about and fascinated by are clues to not only what makes you unique, but who you were meant to become and doing with your life.

All of us are encoded with activities, experiences, things and places that enchant and delight us. We all have issues, problems and needs that we are irrestistabley drawn to. There are ideas we love to talk about, subjects we love to study and gifts and talents we love to use. And we all have types of people we are inspired by and love to be around.

But nobody teaches us about how to figure it all out and then start changing our life to match what we have discovered and know in our hearts we are meant to do with our lives.

That is where I come in .. and it is at the heart of everything I do. But the real story here is you ... and how to help you discover the thread of your own unique life story. Some people call it your divine plan. Others refer to it as your life calling, your mission in life, your purpose for living. But whatever you call it -- it sounds like you are in search of it -- and that is a good thing.

What Stops Most People

Most people have given up and no longer seek what inspires them and makes life meaning ful. You can see them everywhere, going through life half asleep, without a clue and following the lead of the friends and family around them -- or what the culture is advertising and rewarding, or their generation thinks is cool, hip, neato -- or whatever the latest word is for desirable.

But it sounds like you are different, you are hungry perhaps to wake up -- and live the life you were meant to instead of what others think you should be doing with your life.

The Risks & Benefits of Knowing

You need to be prepared to buck a few trends and carve out your own life path. That may ruffle a few feathers or rub some of your friends, family and coworkers the wrong way. They may try to disssuade you, sidetrack you or distract you -- and that is all normal if they do not want you setting an example and showing them what they are missing.

It is important before you start to realize you may get some mild or strong resistance from the people around you who may want to hold you back or withhold the support you want.

But there is also a counter force that will want to help you and give your hints and guidance if you know where to look and pay attention to the signs all around you.

Champions may emerge who want to help -- and they can take the form of mentors, guides, master minds, and inner guides. Your intutuion may become more active in the form of hunches, gut feellings, tugs at your heart and flashes of visions of what is possible.

The system is not there to thwart you -- just to make sure you are awake enough and truly want to discover who you are and what you are supposed to be doing with your life. And it will test you to make sure yo are willing to put in the work and invest your time, effort and resources to start following your divine plan. Becoming who you were truly meant to be is part of the natural order, and Mother Nature supports things thriving and succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

So now you know a few of the risks and some of the benefits. If you have read this far, then you may want to learn the ins and out of how to figure out what you should be doing with your life.

How To Figure It Out

There are two parts to discovering your divine plan -- an inner one and an outer one. Like a pair of hands, they work together.

The Inner Journey of Self Discovery

The inner part is a journey of sorts, a delving into what really fascinates you, what you are passionate about. The answers all lie inside of you. No one else knows what truly turns you on, keeps you up late at night, what takes your breath away.

The process itself is simple -- you ask yourself questions to reveal all the things that you are passionate about, and what specifically about each of them makes them so fascinating, why you are so passionate about each of them.

The hard part is you have to ask the right questions in the right way. And you have to be in the frame of mind that will allow you to drop all the stereotypical, culture fed answers we are programmed to blindly supply without any depth to them. We are not looking for superficial answers, but profound ones -- ones that make sense at some deep level, that ring true to you and resonate with your soul, as well as delight your spirit.

And that is not easy to do on your own.

The Outer Journey of Self Reflection

The outer part of self discovery is a process of reflection, where the world reflects back to you that you are on the right track, that the path you are on is the right one for you and it is the right time for you to be traveling on it.

It is a journey looking for answers outside of you to validate what you have discovered inside, and a reflection back to you that the universe, life force, or divine is willing and able to support you. Timing and having all the resources you need


Stamp: Edith Wharton (Writer) Life Calling & PurposeIf so, try reading about one life .... but two ways of living it. One when you have figured out what you are supposed to be doing ... and one without .. and see if the difference helps you get motivated to find yours.

Let us take the before example of a life not knowing what she should be doing with her life. But now, instead of drifting through life, following her best friend and making guesses that result in a life story that misses the mark ... here is how her life could have gone if she had known what her calling and purpose were.


If you wish you had a life story like this second one ... know that it is possible to learn your life calling and purpose .... and reveal the divine plan for your life.

You have the same clues in your life ... and I can help you find them and begin to understand the secrets they reveal about who you are and what you should be doing with your life.


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