Have You Choosen Your Life Goal?


Life Is A Journey


Included in the Box of Life is a note informing you that in the game of life ... you are on a journey, but the destination or goal is up to you. Many people let their family, culture or generation choose for them.

But this choice should not be overlooked or taken for granted. It is yours alone to make and the five options below gives you a starting point.



Life is A Journey ...

And like any journey, the destination determines the path you take to get there. So it is with life goals. What you see and experience along the path to your life goal depends on the goal you choose.

Here are the five basic options to evaluate when deciding what kind of life you want.


Life Goal Icon: Be A SuccesS by EAting Those Frogs!

Being A Success


Icon: Life Journey Goal - Mastery

Attaining Mastery


Self Fulfillment - Life Goal

Self Fulfillment



Pursue Happiness

Pursuing Happiness


Icon: Life Goal - Attaining Enlightenment

Attaining Enlightenment

Do you want to find inner peace or become enlightened? If so, then you will want to follow in the footsteps of enlightened masters, sages and buddhas. Their lives show how to achieve the release or viewpoint you want. Read more ...


Living An Extraordinary Life

Living An Extraordinary Life


Icon: Experience The Divine (Shiva Myth)

Experiencing The Transcendent



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