How Much Have You Developed Your Potential?



The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.
- Lee Iacocca


Quiz 2: Developing Personal Potential

If you know what your personal potential is, how much have you developed it? Are you a novice, apprentice, professional or expert at what you do? Take this second quiz and find out how well you have developed your gifts and talents -- the most visible aspect of your potential.

In this quiz we have you start by listing your top gifts and talents or areas of excellence. Then you evaluate how much you have developed each area or talent based on the skill level you have achieved. At the end of the quiz, we help you score your answers, put your results into real world terms, interpret what your score means and find links to pages and tools which can help you raise your score.



Like the first quiz, you can take this quiz online or print this page out. But make sure to keep a copy of your answers so you can use them in our third quiz.

Since this quiz is based on knowing your top gifts and talents, you can use the list you made in Quiz One. If you do not have a good list, you can make one by learning more about how to Find Your Gifts & Talents.

Once you have written down your list of gifts and talents, you will need to assess the level of skill you have developed each gift and talent to. If you have never had to assess your skill level before, this can be a challenging exercise to honestly look at how well you do what you do.

You want to focus only on the level you have taken each skill to. Ignore (for the moment) the amount of time, effort or money you have invested. If it helps, think of a person or result which embodies each level of development and compare your results to theirs to see where you fit best. Then see if the final score description feels right to you.


Start The Quiz

Instruction: First write down your top 5 - 10 gifts and talents. Then use the list below to identify the level you have taken each skill to. Assign a score from zero to ten for each skill and write the number next to each skill.

Level of Development and Score


My Top 5-10 Gifts & Talents      Score



Score Your Answers

Now it is time to add up all your scores and write your total below.

Total Score: _______

Next, choose which option below best describes how much you have developed your set of gifts and talents.

"I Have _______________ My Gifts & Talents"

To interpret your results, click on the option you chose and it will take you to the appropriate results section.



Interpreting Your Score


I Have Not Developed Any Of My Gifts & Talents

Most people focus on learning the skills and abilities taught in school instead of developing their natural talents. These general skills are recognized by parents, communities and cultures as necessary abilities to succeed in life. But by only focusing on what everyone in the society needs to learn, you can often graduate school without ever developing your unique gifts and talents.

The good news is that you have lots of gifts and talents to discover and develop - - and our site can help!

If you have a very short list of gifts and talents, then consider finding more of yours by using our workshops. (Our "after" statement will give you an idea of what your list could look like.)

If you need to develop the ones you already have, we suggest exploring the reasons why you have not already done so. What do you lack -- the big picture of who you are, skill training, inspiration to take your skills to the next level, a job that will pay you to do it, or a career that will reward you with a higher salary when you do?


I Have Developed A Few Of My Gifts & Talents

You have some idea of your gifts & talents and have started to develop them. But you have lots of opportunities to further develop your skills.


I Have Developed Some Of My Gifts & Talents

You have either developed some of your gifts and talents to a very high level or many of them are at the level of a professional. To learn more, consider taking Quiz Three: How Much Do I Use My Potential?

If you want to work on finding more hidden gifts and talents, try exploring these our find your bliss pages.

If you feel that you want to further develop the skills you already have, think about the level you want to achieve and the training, practice methods and experience you need. Sketch out a quick plan that outlines your goal and how you can achieve it.


I Have Fully Developed All Of My Gifts & Talents

Congratulations! You described that almost all of your gifts and talents are at the level of a master or expert.

To learn how well you are using what you have, take Quiz Three: How Much Do I Use My Potential?





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