Can You Acknowledge Your Fate?



Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.
- Marcus Aurelius




Acknowledging What Fate Has Handed You

In order to really have a chance of changing your fate, you need to acknowledge that it exists, and see how it is influencing you. This allows you to then make choices about how much you want to follow to change your fate.

The first step is getting more clarity about what is really going on.

Get More Clarity

Now is the time to take your statements of fate, and see how true they are. If you are expected to follow a predictable life story .. such as go to school,. get a good job, settle down, buy a house and raise a family and work hard until you retire ... how true is that?

How are these expectations passed along?

How strong are these expectations?

What will happen if you follow them?
What will happen if you don't?

Are they valid for you?

Do the movies, TV shows, books and magazine you watch and read reinforce or overturn these expectations?

Who or what actively supports you following your fate?
Who or what does so passively?

Does anyone encourage you to change your fate?
If so, who and how?

Making It Real

What makes getting a firm grasp on your fate so hard is understanding how it affects you and every aspect of your life .. through your values, options, and choices.

We often think when we are growing up that we can be anything. But soon the reality starts to creep in ... with a lack of opportunities, know how, connections, resources and encouragement. Our expectations for ourselves start to change and be limited by what we believe is possible for us.


What do I believe is possible for me, really?
Why do I believe that?

Am I repeating what others have told me?
Or did I come up with this myself?


Acknowledging YOur Fate

Take a moment and really let the facts and circumstances of your fate sink in.

Do you want the life fate has in store for you?

If you do nothing, will your fate become real?
If so, how will that make you feel?

Do you want to change your fate?

Do you want to have a different life?




to be continued


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