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Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her. But once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.
- Voltaire



My Fate & Destiny Workshop

Do you know what fate has in store for you? Clueless about your destiny and who you could become and do in life? Not even sure you can discover what your fate and destiny are?

Your fate may seem as much a mystery as how the stars came into being. But, like the stars ... you can discover what fate has in store for you ... and glimpse the bigger picture of a destiny waiting for you to manifest it.

The World You Live In

But it all starts with learning more about yourself and the world you grew up in and choose to live in. Our elders alsways* like to ask .. is it one of inspiration? Does it thrill you? Or do you feel like you are settling into the space between a rock and a hard palace?

Our elders begin like this ... to get you to start listening to the inner voice within ... the one that knows you better than you do yourself.

And So We BEgin* ...

Again, the task of unraveling the fate Life has in store for us ... and unveiling the destiny that is ours if we want to open our minds and hearts to its song.

This workshop, because it is written down instead of being done in the presence of the island elders ... requires you to write down your thoughts, to collect the scraps of things that flow into your life and draw the images (or collect them) that make their way into your consciousness.

On the islands, our elders would pour over these touchstones and ask you questions about them to help you discover their meaning and importance. But the work remains the same ... and gathering your things and thoughts in the Art Gallery works just as well as sitting with the island elders.

Gathering Treasures & Signs*

You will need something to collect and arrange your treasures and thoughts in. So we recommend that you visit the gift shop and look for a journal, pouch or box of treasures. The right thing for you to hold your thoughts, your insights, and your dreams.

Slips of paper, Post It Notes, a mantle shelf or table top all work well too ... but you will want something more permanent to capture the process and arrange your growing understanding of what your fate and destiny is.

So take a moment now and look around ... and if you do not already have the right thing at hand ... take a momnet* to start to open your mind to the Guide of Intuition.

Browse and let your body catch up with your mind, and your heart find the right beat for this process.

An Invitation to An Intuitive Process

The process to discover your fate and destiny is one that calls upon your intuition. What you are seeking is already at work in your life ... but lies hidden or masked from the logical, time oriented world we mostly inhabit.

The workshop begins by showing your seriousness by finding a place for the intuitive mind to store its treasures and deposit its insights.

then we seek inspiration ... through the wisdom of the ones who have gone before us. By tracing their footsteps we see what we want and know that it is possible.

From here, we begin to ask ourselves questions, to awaken the seeker within to delve into the hidden, silent world within us and bring back the answers that ring with truth about our lives. Like an archeologist, we pour over these answers, ideas and insights ... seeking to find and arrangement that makes sense and reveals deeper truths we can act on in the logical, everyday world we live in.



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