Are You In The Mature Adult Age?


Life AGes 5: Mature Adult / Justice (Faux Mail ARt Postcard)


A child becomes an adult when he realizes that he has a right not only to be right but also to be wrong.
- Thomas Szasz


The Mature Adult Dispenses Justice

A mature adult knows right from wrong ... and works to correct the errors of man and direct the path of his or her society into safe harbors that promote prosperity, honor, life, Liberty and justice for all.

Life is more than just amusements ... and when you reach the maturity to realize that, you begin to live a different life. One filled with more than blind ambition, for you are open the eyes to see The World around you .. not just as it is .. but as it could be.

Youthful vigor is replaced by experience ... and the common sense to see trouble and opportunities coming. You can sense change in the air and know when things are out of whack.

And smart mature adults know when it is time to say on the move, keeping up with the grass is greener* ... following the headwaters of the Spring to where it enters the earth and abiding there.


"Let justice roll down like waters and
righteousness like a mighty stream."
- Martin Luther King


The stream follows the path of least resistance ... flowing down the mountain passes into the valleys and eventually into the sea ... from whence all things come.

Where are you coming from?

What do you value?

What do you give your time, worry, and attention to?

What earns your respect and your money?

What does your hard work and sweat grow?

What justice do you uphold?

What life journey are you on now?

At this stage of your life ... these become the pressing issues of your day. All the fine suits and dresses ... the robes of career, fashion and whimsy ... are set to fall away, as you begin the journey of the rest of your life. Are you heading home, or out on another adventure?


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