Are You In The Death & Transition Age?



Life Ages Postacard: Death & Transition thru High Gate SimATarry


Sans Teeth, If you have missed the boat ...

In the last Life Age, you face the end of your life journey ... and the special challenges and critical tasks of the Eight/Zero.

The rhythm of life feels like it stops, and time becomes a thing of the past, present and future.

If you have resolved the central issues of each of the previous life ages, and lived each as you would have chosen .... you are at peace with yourself and the World ... and ready to face with curiosity and wonder the next stage of your journey.

But if many tasks remain undone ... your life calling not heard and your life purpose not addressed ... you have much to regret ... much to swallow ... as you digest all that you did not do or become.


Critical Tasks

There are many things to do ... and often not as much time to do them as we would like. Tying up loose ends, leaving a legacy, saying goodbye and exiting gracefully are among the things that take up the most time.


One of the hardest is preparing for the next stage ... especially if you believe there is nothing to be done and no-thing to prepare for. But the journey of self knowledge and exploring the* Universe continues ... even if the letters are a bit jumbled up like a child's puzzle emptied out on the floor.

Life Age 8/0: Death & Transition

If you have not done the work of knowing yourself, the path that stretches out before you can feel like a dark one cast by your shadow into the unknown. But if you have made the unknown known within your lifetime .... the path is far from treacherous or dark and threatening. A mystery perhaps ... but a welcoming path that beckons* you on.



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