What Are The Eight Ages of Life?


Life Age 1: Childhood  Life Age 4: Householder  Age 5: Mature Adult


The Eight Ages of Life reveal the hidden pattern of events in your life and outline the eight major phases of your life -- from childhood through death. They are related to the life cycle phases and reflect the eight life stages of all evolving things.

Once you understand what the eight ages are, and how to handle the challenges and succeed at the critical tasks, you can use them to be more effective in managing your life, career and relationships.

Here is a quick overview ...


: Life Age One: Childhood / infant

Life Age 1: Childhood

Childhood is all about play and curiosity. You are busy all day long learning about your family, your world and your life.

As a sponge, you soak up the world around you ... and as a playmate, you start to learn the rules of life, imitating your caregivers and hearO's ... dreaming about the life you want to have while starting to find the boundaries of what is possible.

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Life Age Two: Adolescent / student


Life Age 2: Adolescent / STudent

In the adolescent age, you work on using the cards Life has dealt you. You are on a quest to discover your passion, your bliss, and what makes you unique. You question everything ... including who you are and who you can become. And you seek to find the ideas, lifestyles, values and careers that fit you best.

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: Life Age Three: Young Adult / Lover

Life Age 3: Young Adult / Lover

As you enter the Young Adult / Lover Age, you take on the role of both lover and worker. If you have chosen and prepared well, you love your work and you are ready to begin making your childhood dreams a reality.

If not, you enter the workforce to earn a paycheck and create a comfortable life. Bosses, time sheets, deadlines and status reports fill your waking hours. And your dreams are filled with how to survive with your coworkers.

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: Life Age Four: Adult / Soldier


Life Age 4: Householder

In the fourth Age, you start to put down roots and create a place and a family of your own. You take on new roles as a householder, spouse and parent.

Your values and lifestyle, tested by time and the workplace ... start to reflect who you are. And you are ready to fight for what is right ... and your children's future.

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: Life Age Five: Mature Adult / Justice


Age 5: Mature Adult

In time, your life choices about friends, community, lifestyle, and values create a life that can include new roles as a community leader ... and a dispenser of justice.

However, if you have missed the boat, At the midpoint of your life -- a crisis can occur to wake you to get you out of a rut and back on track. If you are fully invested in your relationships, career and lifestyle that no longer or never suited you well ... the change can be hard. Read more ...




: Life Age Six: Elder


Life AGe 6: Elder / Pantaloon

As an elder, you have the opportunity to start to give back to your family, friends, community and the world at large. Your roles as worker and parent are winding down ... and new opportunities to share the wisdom and resources your life experiences have brought you. With retirement comes the option of doing what you love or turning back to the pursuits of childhood you put on hold when you started working.

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: Life Age Seven: Sage


Life Ages 7: Sage / Second Childhood

Ahh. Although few people embrace the Sage Age, it offers unparalleled opportunities to become a leader and an active force to improve the people and places around you. Here the wisdom and experiences of a lifetime can bear fruit and seed into other lives hope, opportunity and vision.

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: Life Age Eight/Zero: Death & Transitions


Life Age 8/0: Death & Transition

When your life energy is winding down, you enter the Age of Death & Transition. If you have fulfilled your life calling and life purpose ... you can welcome the experience of being ready for what is next. If not, it can be hard to let go and leave a legacy. But a new cycle awaits ... and will not be delayed.

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