Book of Key 15: Renewal, Laughter & Adversaries by Manifest Books


Heal These Broken Wings
(Song Lyrics)




Surrealist Lyrics ... by 007

Is it .. no more secrets to keep

Was it was bitterness that gave you time to forgive yourself?

We have fallen through

as the walls came tumbling down? .... free from these chains ... I need to change my Ways ... heal these broken wings ... I need to fly ..far away ... free me from these thoughts .. long forgotten ... take these these idle words ... you'd like to carry on ... carry on ...

Carrie On ... these chains

Like a paper cut between my fingers where the index bridges to the middle One ... it calls my attention again and again to change my way of picking, choosing, grasping, drumming ... what part of the Uni--verse do my fingers lie in? Can fingers lie ... ?

Time for more triple! (the stuff fish get). Maybe I should just tape the two fingers together like the Hierophant's? Or live long and prosper like the Devil's?



Book 15: The Renewal & D.veil
Inspiring Quotes: The Devil Tarot Card

Blind as a Bat
Don't See Eye to Eye


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