Have You Found Your Dream Job?





Knowing When You Have Found Your Dream Job

If you are searching for work you love, do you know how to know when you have found it? Do you know what turns ordinary jobs and businesses into the extraordinary work you love to do?

It is easy to get excited about a new job or settle for a better way to earn a living -- and lose sight of whether the career you are contemplating is truly the work you love.

A Dream Job Test

So here is a quick way to test to see if the work you are thinking about really is your dream job, career or business.

Just ask yourself these eight questions ...

  1. Am I naturally great at this work?
  2. Am I passionate about it?
  3. Do I care deeply about it?
  4. Am I called to it?
  5. Am I inspired by it?
  6. Am I paid handsomely for it?
  7. Is this work meaningful to me?
  8. Do I love this work?


Give yourself a score from 0 to 10 for each answer, where 10 is an enthusiastic yes, 5 is a mild yes and 0 is for no or you are not sure. Then add up your score and see how close you come to the ideal of 80 points.

If you are evaluating several job options, you can use this to see which one comes closest to your ideal.

Another Dream Job Test

If you have created a detailed ingredient list for your dream job ... you can give points to each ingredient and see which ones have the most opportunity to do what you love. Give a 2 if your job lets you have an ingredient, 1 for if it is possible or likely and a 0 if the answer is no. Then add up all your points and see how close your job comes to your ideal dream job.

If Its Not Your Dream Job?

What if your current job doesn't score high? You might want to try to find a job that does. Try learning more about what makes great work and how to find your dream job.







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